Badurday- October 22, 2011- Powers Boothe

I was thinking this week about film noir and the television shows the movies of the genre inspired. Since it’s October and the month for scary and/or dark flicks, these type of hard-boiled detectives came to mind. The films and tv shows of this genre are usually pretty sparse in decor and have a feel of dread and foreboding. I love Philip Marlowe in all his incarnations- each actor who portrayed him brought something unique to the table. I especially enjoyed the 1980s television mini series starring Powers Boothe. It was called Philip Marlowe- Private Eye.  He was one bad dude. AND I mean that in the nicest way possible. He did an excellent job with the role. I hope some of you remember our bad boy of the day in this production. I’ve chosen some photos from different films of him at near the same time frame as this show was on.


2 Responses

  1. I loved him in Red Dawn. He was pretty bad a$$ in Southern Comfort too. Maybe I’m just partial to those military types.

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