Wet Pants Wetsda

Sometimes you just know. You run across something by accident, and it is like the fates conspired to have the universe, for once at least, make sense.

I was surfing around the net the other night, enjoying the twitterfest known as “Mancandy Monday” (8 pm Central, use the Hashtag #mancandy) when several of my partners in crime starting posting paeans to the gorgeousness of someone named David Gandy. I checked the pictures they posted, and yes, indeed, Mr. Gandy was a definite candidate for Wetsday guest here on the Sizzle.

But when I googled him, I found out that not only is he gorgeous beyond belief, he is also British — and y’all know how I feel about men from the home country! But the coup de grace was when I found out Mr. Gandy (oh, heck, I’m gonna call him Dave) is known for posing for underwear ads, usually in a quite moist state of existence. He’s actually called “Britain’s Wet Pants Boy” by the press.

Now, seriously — British, Wet, Pants, and Boy in a single phrase. Oh, yes, Dave, this was a match made in Wetsday heaven. Welcome to the Sizzle!!!









3 Responses

  1. I love you for your selfless, tireless surfing to bring us the ultimate in wetness, Arabella!

    Please, bask in our total appreciation. We will bask in the beauty you’ve presented! British beauty, to boot!

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