Villains and Heroes with author Rebecca Zanetti



              My Hero could’ve been the Villain

A big thanks to Sayde Grace and the Sizzlers for having me over today!

I’ve been thinking about villains lately because I have more than a couple in the Dark Protector Series.  So what makes a good villain?  At first blush, it seems like he should be the opposite of the hero.  But then I thought on it some more.  I think at their core, the hero and the villain are similar.  They’re usually strong, smart, capable, ambitious, arrogant, and often incredibly focused.

It’s what they do with these traits that determine whether they’re the hero or the villain.  Because really, it’s the choices we make in life that matter.  You take a person and make their life flow easily, no concerns, no temptations…that’s not a hero.  That’s boring.  At least when it comes to a paranormal romance.  Heck, any romance.

Take Malcolm Reynolds, for example.  If you haven’t seen Firefly, you’re missing out.  It’s a television show that lasted one season…and then they made a movie about it called Serenity.  See that too.

But here’s the deal.  Malcolm is the hero…and he’s a rebel.  A true rebel who should’ve been the good guy.  He knows he should’ve been the good guy. Instead, he smuggles, steals, and fights against the bureaucracy that has taken over the world.  And it costs him.  Yet, he doesn’t stop. 

He’s the hero in his little part of the universe.  Kind of.  There’s one scene where he gets in a sword fight (his first) and the bad guy is going to kill him.  Somehow, he gets the upper hand.  So Mal pins the bad guy but can’t kill him.  Mal says, “Mercy is the mark of a great man.”  Then he stabs (lightly) the bad guy.  Then Mal says, “Guess I’m just a good man.”  Then he pokes the bad guy a few more times.  “Well, I’m all right.”

One of the very appealing characteristics about a hero/villain is the absolute comfort in their own skins.  Right or wrong, good or bad, both the hero and the villain have no intention of changing.  In CLAIMED, the hero is the oldest Kayrs brother and the king of the entire vampire world.  He’s stubborn, fierce, and some might say…a bit over-the-top Alpha.

He does his best to rule the world and hold on to the mantle of diplomacy.  But the second his mate his threatened, he throws diplomacy to the wind and lets the animal within take over—without a hint of hesitation.  To quote Dage, “So be it.”

Thank you to the Sizzlers for having me over today!  I’d love to send a signed copy of FATED (Book 1in the Dark Protectors) to a commenter today.  So…can you think of a hero with villainous traits?

Thank you so much for stopping by Rebecca! I love these books and as her glorious critique partner I can say hahaha I’ve read Dages story and its great!


5 Responses

  1. Great post, Becca. I love the Firefly analogy. Awesome.

  2. Hi Sizzlers! Thanks for having me over today. 🙂

  3. Hey Rebecca! Wonderful use of anology with this post! So happy to see your books out and available to your readers. Experience lets me know how appreciative they are!

    Continued success, woman!

  4. This was a fantastic post! I’m contemplating a villain right now for my story and it was good to read that. No villain is completely evil, otherwise he wouldn’t be well rounded. My favorite book has a great hero/villain-The Count of Monte Cristo. Edmond Dantes was a young man with lots of potential and promise and people were jealous of these qualities. In the end, he sought revenge against these people for what they did to him as a result of their jealousy-false imprisonment.

    I’ve watched reruns of Firefly on Syfy and it was terrific. Haven’t been able to catch Serenity yet, but I will.


  5. I would have to agree with you– Mal, for sure! But didn’t you just love him? 🙂


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