A Wetsday Quickie

Must dash today, my loves. I am deep in the throes of final edits on my Georgian-era romance, PROOF OF LOVE.

(I did mention that it is coming out in ebook on November 7, didn’t I? Oh, only a few thousand times? Sorry.)

Anyway, today’s guest is a sure crowd-pleaser. He’s not only a favorite of mine, he’s quite the pet of several A-list celebrity females. Even dear Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger, kept him around for decorative value for a while.

(Y’all know that Bridget’s true love, Mark Darcy/Colin Firth was the inspiration for the Duke in PROOF OF LOVE, right? Oh, okay.)

And our boy has no compunction about stripping down and getting wet. Of course, with abs like that, why should he?

(And I have no compunction about telling you that PROOF OF LOVE is a fabulous read, which you should all look for in your favorite ebook store next month. Sorry. Last interruption, I promise.)

So, without further ado, here is the very lovely, very hot Mr. Bradley Cooper!






6 Responses

  1. Gorgeous guy-certainly inspirational. I’m SO excited about the release of Proof of Love. Can’t wait to buy it and read the complete story. The cerebral Duke deserves to fall and his Duchess deserves a good life after the crap she put up with. ANYWAY, a million congrats ahead of time. Rita Bay

  2. I love how he always looks so darn happy! 🙂 There’s something about a smile that does it for me as much as the abs (and thighs!! Holy bejeebers, those are some short shorts!!).

    Woohoo on release day coming up so quickly!

  3. And now my fantasies are awake! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Say wha– You were talking to me? Um, got a little distracted by some wet photos flung in front of me.

    Very stoked about the upcoming release date, Arabella! Can’t wait!

  5. Boy what a hardship to have to scroll through all that hot maleness!!!

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