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Please give guest blogger, Delilah Devlin a huge Southern Sizzle Romance welcome!

His suffering…Though proud and strong, Eirik, heir to the Ulfhednars kingdom, found himself seduced and taken from his homeworld by a bounty-hunting vixen, who sold him into slavery. Purchased by a wealthy, Consortium-backed brothel, he is kept at a heavily guarded and secure breeding facility, where he is forced to feed the lustful whims of Helios’s elite at night. He bides his time, waiting for a chance to escape and get his revenge on the woman who betrayed him…

Her satisfaction…Once a sex thrall, Fatin earned her freedom through service. Now, as a bounty hunter, she is determined to earn enough to buy her sister’s papers from the same brothel she escaped. For this, she abducts a brutishly handsome, breed-worthy specimen from the Viking planet and delivers him to auction. But her desire for justice and his desire for freedom may consume both of them in a passion neither wanted—or can resist. “This is an exhilarating BDSM (and more) romantic science fiction… With a strong cast made up of several races and a lead couple in love and distrust, readers will appreciate Enslaved by a Viking in outer space.”

~5 Stars, Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round “This lusty novel has components of BDSM, scorching sex and the element of surprise. There is clever worldbuilding and tight plotting, with a great cast of characters…

~4 Stars, RT Books Reviews


17 Responses

  1. That is one fine cover and a VERY interesting story. WHat a world view!! RB

  2. WOW! Can’t wait to read! 🙂

  3. The cover certainly catches the eye, Delilah! And the imagination!

    Read the blurb and decided this is a story I HAVE to read!

  4. i love this cover and all the excerpts i’ve been reading have been wonderful. i can’t wait to read the book.

    tammy ramey

  5. I hope you all LOVE it, because I plan many more stories in that universe!

  6. I so wanna read this to see if he gets even with her for abducting him! It sounds like its gonna be Awesome!
    Best Wishes,

  7. I am so anxious to read this one!! It sounds great. TY

  8. This book is already on my wish list…and I wish I would win …..Thank you for your time and the chance to win…

  9. Want this one! HOT!

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  10. Delilah – thanks for directing us here – I like this site!

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  11. I love the cover! This sounds awesome! Cant wait to get my hands on a copy. 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Looking forward to reading it.

  13. Awesome cover- very compelling. Hoping for tons of sales for you!

  14. I can’t wit to read this book! BDSM space vikings…I want one! LOL
    June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  15. Everytime I read the outline for this book, it just pulls me in more and more!!! God, I want this book!!

  16. I love the cover. I’m looking forward to reading this story.

  17. i love the cover and cant wait to read it

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