Tuesday Blog Video

Hello everyone! So yesterday I got to skype with my wonderful friend and critique partner Rebecca Zanetti: it was wonderful. We made fun of smelly kids, dogs, and old people! Ok, I am so just kidding but it was a wickedly fun time. Im thrilled I can skpe now because Rebecca lives in Idaho and I am in Alabama. We talk on the phone some, text and email all the time but face to face is great!

After my chat with Rebecca I realized I can communicate with you all via video too. Well I tried. I have to work out the bugs and get some major nerves but hopefully next Tuesday I will be video blogging!! That should be very cool. Until then, y’all have a good one!



2 Responses

  1. Very daring and cutting edge! But I have every faith in you to do it!

    Kick ’em, Cowgirl! Be ‘seeing’ you next Tuesday then!

  2. COOL! I can’t wait

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