Badurday- October 1, 2011- Kerr Smith

I watched, well sort of watched, Cruel Intentions 3, well it was on the television for noise while I wrote. So, anyway, that’s where I found our bad boy of the week. He plays a deliciously evil brat in this film.  Quite a sexy role, too. He has also played a cop on the old tv series Charmed. There’s nothing quite like a cop with a shoulder holster and a cotton button down shirt.  Seems to empathize the shoulder assets to best advantage, right? 

When I’d glance up at the screen during the Cruel Intentions movie, I kept thinking he looked familiar. Yep. Seen him before. In Charmed and he was  also in a vampire film called The Forsaken.  He qualifies for the bad boy of the week. Enjoy.


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