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All right, class. Please take a seat and have your notebooks ready. Its time for another session of Professor Romancemama’s Vocabulary 101. Ladies, please stop ogling the model. We’ll be discussing him shortly.

For an author, one of the greatest moments is that sudden “ah-ha” sensation when the absolute perfect word jumps into your mind. You may have been struggling with it for hours or days, but then you get the single word that carries all the emotional baggage, the subtle connotation you need for your WIP. I love that.

And that is why it is vital for authors to constantly expand our vocabulary.Just like a football coach, the deeper your bench, the more chance you have of success.

So my poor little mind has become a sanctuary for words that I have rarely if ever used. But, by God, the one time I need to know what the hard plastic tip on a shoelace is called, I will be able to type “aglet” with confidence. If one of my characters ever wants to talk about the little groove between your nose and the center of your upper lip, he will be secure in his use of “philtrum.”

And in that spirit, students, Professor Romancemama brings you a phrase all loyal followers of WetsDay should know. I asked our dear friend Mr. Adonis (above) to join us, because I am here to explain to you the wonders of the “Adonis’ belt.”
To quote our old friend, Wikipedia:

The iliac furrow, also known as an athlete’s girdle, Apollo’s Belt or an Adonis belt, is a term for a part of the human anatomy. It refers to either one of two shallow grooves of the surface anatomy of the human abdomen running from the iliac crest (hip bone) to the pubis. In some circles, it is colloquially referred to as the devil’s shoulders.

In other words, there is actually a name for that yummy little line that our WetsDay guests have where their hipbones meet their legs. I’ve had a fetish for Adonis’ Belts for years without knowing what they were called.

So now, instead of just pointing and muttering, “OMG, would you look at that?” you can confidently point to Mr. Jackman, Mr. Butler, or any of our other favorites and exclaim, “Excellent development of the Adonis’ Belt area, there!”

So, just to make sure you have absorbed the vocabulary lesson today, here’s a pop quiz,

Question 1. Identify the Adonis ‘ belt area in each of the following photographs.

Question 2. Which Wet gentleman shows the phrase of the day to greatest advantage? Discuss.







4 Responses

  1. And I was just calling that area yummy! Thanks for the vocab lesson!

  2. Love it! Gorgeous guys and TWO new words.

  3. I’m digging #2’s Adonis Belt. I’m a little amazed at this vocab lesson as you are the same woman that fussed at me for using the anatomically correct word for the muscle in front of the shoulder in my story. The subscapularis or scapula for short is quite sexy when the man has on a button up shirt with a vest (or waistcoat) over it. The front of the shoulder is emphasized and becomes a fixation in the eyes of a discerning woman! LOL!

    Thus speaketh the former worker’s comp lawyer!

  4. *quirks left eyebrow* And WHY must we choose??? Wouldn’t it be more politically correct to use EACH and EVERY example? After all, reinforcement is the ultimate mental cement!

    LOL Love this lesson, Prof. Ro’mama! I’ll sit in your class any time!

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