Pirates, Baby.

Yum. Is there anything better than a hot, sweaty pirate, all togged out in his flowing sleeves and black boots? Correct answer: Of course not.

I know, I know. The fact is that pirates looked a lot more like Johnny Rotten than Johnny Depp, and they were, for the overwhelming most part, illiterate, unwashed swine with few teeth and fewer morals. Those are not the pirates I am talking about.

I refer, of course, to the long line of noblemen pirates who populate the pages of my beloved historical romances. The Errol Flynn type swashbucklers who laugh in the face of danger and sweep the ladies off their feet with a rogueish grin and a heartfelt “Arrrhh!”
That’s the kind of pirate we have as our guest today.

You would have to have been there to appreciate it — me, Jillian and our friend and fellow author Micki Gibson were sitting on the patio at a nice little bistro when the subject of pirates came up. (As it often does with us). Suddenly, we were all bunched around a teeny-tiny little iphone screen, salivating over a video Jillian found.

Now, I understand that a maroon frock coat, like a tux, does wonders for any man who wears it. But even aside from the Captain’s uniform, this is a pirate I wouldn’t mind getting shanghai’d by! Enjoy, my darlings!

2 Responses

  1. Arrgh!! I’ll take him!! AND the 19th of this month is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Bring on the sexy ones and leave off the scurvy ones!!!

  2. Hrumph. *pouty sounding* Just when you have the opportunity to see if those thin white undergarments are transparent when wet . . . Pooey. Guess the censors got hold of that part.

    But I wonder. Think we could find any furtively shot iPhone video as he climbed out of the sea posted on the net? Things that make me go “yuuummm”!

    Thank you, Arabella Stokes. A moist– uh, most– delicious Wetsday!

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