Who Has A Newsletter??? MEEEEE

Hello everyone! Well, you all know that things around my house have been INSANE, but the last few days I have gotten to write which feels soooo good and I got to play with my website. I still want to redesign the home page but for months I have been trying to get a newsletter going. Well, I am so thrilled, beyond thrilled. I mean I didn’t feel this excited when I sold my first book! But I now have a newsletter! If you go to my website, scroll to the bottom of the page you will see I now have a newsletter, just click the little button and I also have a yahoo group.

I am also working on a widget to post all my upcoming blogs and guest bloggers. During the month of October I will be hosting several authors for guest blogs. If you want to come by and talk about just about anything please shoot me an email at sayde@saydegrace.com Also my editor says that I should have my next cowboy release from The Wilder Rose Press in December, you all know what that means???? Cowboy Christmas!! Yay!


All right, I do have a few topics to talk about today. First there are a few things that get me choked up which we are going to discuss. One, every time the national anthem is played I get a little teary eyed. Second, anything to do with animals inspiring us or stuff like that. Third, acts of humanity. When I say this one, I mean when people do things for others without expecting or needing a reward.

The last week the Sizzlers have mentioned several times that our good friend and RWA chapter mate, author Cynthia Eden and several other authors have published Entangled, an anthology which benefits breast cancer research.

I love hearing about goodwill stories. This got me thinking about the things that I would do if I had the ability. In my local community the poverty rate is high. I am a very, very fortunate person to have the finacial  stability(although I question my money worries sometimes) to be able to provide for my children. My husband works extremely hard, and I try to work just as hard. We are lucky to have the jobs and connections that we do. However, not all the people we know do. I wish that I had the ability and funding to start a food bank in my area. We are ten miles from one small town and twelve from another. This doesn’t seem like much to most of us, but there are a lot of people who cringe when they are faced with purchasing fuel to make those miles. Also there are a great number of elderly in the community. I would love to be able to help them too. If I could, I’d serve a meal a day for all in need. It’s a dream of mine that no person go to bed hungry. I know we spend hundreds, millions of dollars to provide for the unfortunate overseas, but I’d really like to see the people in my community provided for also.

As a writer I take a special interest in the library at my children’s school. The librarian brought it to my attention that she receives NO funding for new books. That means that once a book is lost or damaged she has no funds to replace it. Thank god for PTO and donations from businesses and other generous people. I have started buying one book each time I go to the dollar store or Books A Million. Donating those books gives each child a book to take home and share with his/her parents and bring them closer. 

So today when you all go out to shop, work, or run errands pick up a few extra items to donate to your local food bank. And if you have a local school, why not donate a book, it doesn’t have to be new, just not damaged. Take inspiration from authors like all the ones participating in Entangled and pass the goodwill to others. Remember that no matter how bad your situation is someone else is suffering far more than you in one way or another.  


Go forth and be productive folks. And if you’re interested in being a guest blogger in October on my blog, send me an email at sayde@saydegrace.com



3 Responses

  1. Very nice post, Sayde. I love that you want to help your community and are encouraging us to do the same.

    Congrats on the new release and all the hard work to get the website updated and fun newsletter addition.

  2. I love this post, Sayde! I agree that helping out in our communities is so very important. Congrats on the newsletter-I need to get one of those! 🙂

  3. A new release and wonderful community causes! It doesn’t get any better!

    And I bow to your superior abilities in producing a newsletter! Congrats, Cowgirl!

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