We Interrupt this WetsDay

Ok, I know y’all only come here on Wednesday to see the gentleman of the week, in all his moist glory. Yes, I love the wet boys as much as you. But there is something more important I have to do today, and y’all are just gonna have to deal with it.

After months of obsessive worrying, I am happy to announce that PROOF OF LOVE now has a cover! And not only that, I am extremely pleased with it.

The talented Trisha FitzGerald of Champagne Books designed it, and it is perfect. The necklace on the cover is a lovely depiction of the Danesleigh Emeralds, which my hero, the Duke of Danesleigh, gives his Duchess following their marriage.

And as for what they do whilst she is wearing said emeralds . . . you’ll just have to wait til November 7 and read for yourself!!!

5 Responses

  1. Love the cover, Arabella! Can’t wait for release day and everyone can enjoy your writing!

  2. NICE! Now, if only you had one just like it to wear!

  3. Love it!! Shortly after I signed my contract with Champagne, I got to send a detailed support for a cover. Didn’t ask for anything in particular–just sent pics of the area, descriptions of the H/H, and duvh. Hope mine turns out as well. Yours truly is GORGEOUS! Rita Bay

  4. What a fantastic, beautiful cover! I, for one, can hardly stand the wait for it to come out. Very exciting. Cant wait to read it! Best wishes. : )

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