When You Finally Exhale . . .

This won’t be very long; it’s been a rough week. Glad to report Hubby’s back home and recovering well after getting a pacemaker put in. Things became a bit hairy and scary with the situation prior to the procedure, but I guess that’s why there’s Lady Clairol!

I just have to say sitting in that hospital waiting room, and in recovery afterward, I had the opportunity to witness several rounds of building tension, black moments, epiphanies, relief and resolution. Each time it resonated in me, and I made sure to offer words of encouragement, empathy and hope to individuals and families. I saw lives literally suspended as they waited to know how they would be allowed to proceed as  each incident played out; and by duplicating not so much the incidents as the emotions involved, I will be able to use  them in my writing. Particularly the human aspect. 

And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell all. While in recovery standing by Hubby’s bedside, someone nudged my hip three times in quick succession, as if to shift me out of the way to check on him. Hard enough to move me a bit. Turned around to frown at a really rude nurse . . . and no one was there.

Hubby must have read the look on my face because he asked, “What’s wrong?” Told him someone pushed me. Two nurses walking in overhearing our conversation. One looked a little nervous; the other was downright smug.  That ‘Nannie-nannie-boo-boo’ look the smug one tossed her co-worker was Oscar worthy. Talk turned to incidents in that area of the hospital, some of them really interesting. Once the stories started it was like someone flipped Hubby’s on switch. Trying to hush Hubby zooted up on pain meds is nearly impossible, short of a pillow over his face. More and more scrubs-wearing individuals filtered in as the shift closed down, their patients moved to regular rooms. Hubby held court for an audience, telling the staff now clustered around him about our ghost hunting, paranormal pictures we’ve taken, and how his wife writes paranormal stories. 

 I was glad –on more than one level– when the next dose of pain meds put him out.

Several of the people from Cardiac Observation dropped by his regular room to check on him on their way home, just to make sure he felt okay and wish him a speedy recovery.  A few phone numbers were exchanged, and I know Hubby will follow up on every one of them. That’s just him. He genuinely likes people.

I am so grateful things went well. Don’t think I could make it without the man. Because I genuinely like him! (I’ll just sit on him for the next few weeks until the doctor releases him. Or threaten him with a staple gun to make him leave the sling on!)

I’m headed to curl up beside him and listen to his steadily beating heart (what a beautiful sound!). I’m going to take a deep breath, allow myself to relax, and finally exhale. Didn’t even realize I’d been holding my breath for weeks.

Write it like you mean it, people! There is power in words.


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8 Responses

  1. Nice post, Runere. I’m so glad he’s doing well. He really does like people and it comes across in the way he looks at a person and really SEES them. He’s a doll and we love you both.

  2. So … who (or WHAT) nudged you three times on the hip?

    • Hahaha! Turns out most of the staff in that area have experienced a ghostly interaction or two, so it wasn’t just me this time! We compared experiences, and a couple of nurses declared the same thing happens to them on occasion.

      Things like that always happen to me, Jeff. Hubby calls me a ghost magnet. Pretty handy thing to be when you hunt ghosts in your free time, don’t you think? And thanks for dropping by today! I always enjoy your posts over at Four Foxes One Hound!

  3. Great story. Happy things are going well. I was SO worried. Keep us posted when you have time. Rita Bay

    • We still have the aorta situation to deal with. But he feels so much better I refuse to worry about it until we absolutely have to! Hopefully that will be so far into the future it will be ‘never’!

      Thanks for being there, Rita!

  4. Glad to hear hubby is doing better! Hang in there.

    • Thanks, Martha! He scared a few years off me, for sure! Appreciate everyone asking about him, and sending prayers and good wishes.

      Hopefully it’ll be back to all the ‘family’ posts you like now that he’s getting better. Stay in touch, woman! Love hearing from you.

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