A Charming Wetsday

Y’all know how much I love me a man in period dress. Boots, breeches, cravats, frock coats … Sigh. Even the homeliest sort of fellow looks good in the garments of yesteryear. But when the guy starts out attractive, the addition of old-time clothing just makes him – well, there aren’t words to describe it. A Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, or Gerard Butler in period costume? I’m there. I am totally there.

The gentleman I’ve invited over for Wetsday today is a bit young, but he fills the boot-prints of the gentlemen mentioned above quite well. I think the first time I noticed him was in Ella Enchanted, where he played a pretty down-to-earth Prince Charming opposite Anne Hathaway’s Ella. (BTW, while I generally hate gorgeous young actresses on principle, don’t you find Anne to be pretty down-to-earth herself? I have this dropdead gorgeous friend who is too sweet to hate as her looks deserve, and Anne kind of strikes me the same way. But I digress.)

After that, I loved him in Confessions of a Shopaholic. After all, he wasn’t just gorgeous, he spoke Prada! And then I put two and two together and realized that he had been in Blackhawk Down. But when you’re talking an ensemble cast that included Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, Jason Isaacs, and (sigh) Ioan Gruffudd, it was easy for even today’s guest to get lost in the flood of testosterone-fired attractiveness.

Now he’s got a new movie coming out. If you like well-built gentlemen in period costume, sly double-entrendre humor, and romantic chick-flick storylines, I recommend that you go see Hysteria. The trailer is, well, hysterical. NSFW, however, so be warned.

And with no further ado, he’s the ever charming Hugh Dancy!


2 Responses

  1. Ah yeah. Love him. Did you see see him in the Jane Austen book club? Wasn’t that him? Loved it. He’s a keeper. And I know who you mean. I saw her yesterday. She’s as gorgeous as ever. And sooooo nice.

  2. Oh, he’s a lovely one! Great choice to share with us! And I see enough boyish potential to turn into a charismatic man!

    Thanks, Arabella!

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