Badurday- August 20, 2011- Daniel Craig

Okay, I confess, I went to see Cowboys and Aliens. Yeah, yeah, I know- hard to believe of me, but there it is. I did it. Mostly because of Harrison Ford who I adore and Daniel Craig who can also be quite the hot guy. It could have been such a fun movie, but the pacing was off. It was waaaay to slow moving to be a romp. The aliens looked like your every day garden variety aliens. The plot was kind of silly, but as my son said., ‘C’mon, mom. what did you expect with the word alien in the title.”  We also felt like we’d been duped into watching Transformers. So, all in all, not so hot.  My friend, Micki, asked me if it was worth it just for the eye candy and I couldn’t even answer her. Finally, I said, “That would be a no.”  Check out this one pic of Daniel I have here- the front view in the cowboy hat- does he look to you like he has cleavage? He does to me.  Now, the rear view, yeah, I’ll take that.  LOL

He looks good in some of his other movies like the James Bond ones, La4er Cake, and one called Flashbacks of a Fool.  Enjoy!

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