The Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera MechanismReconstructed Antikythera

The Antikythera Mechanism was discovered by sponge divers off the island of Antikythera in the wreckage of a cargo ship which was over 2,000 years old (along with the Arikythera Ephebe and Jockey bronzes statues). The bronze mechanism was mounted in a wooden frame and inscribed with 2,000 characters. It is housed in the Greek National Archaeological Museum in Athens.


Reconstructed Antikythera

The Antikythera Mechanism was built in Greece and lost in the first century BC. One theory has it the spoils of war won by Julius Caesar. The Mechanism is believed to be a mechanical analog computer used to calculate the movements of stars and planets in astronomy. It contains at least 30 gears in 80 pieces.  A model was created that demonstrated that when dates were entered into the device it calculated the astronomical information related to the Sun, Moon, and other planets. 

Next Week, An Heroic Wonder of the World.   Rita Bay


4 Responses

  1. The wonder of knowledge — intricatly constructed knowledge — gained, lost, and then gained again. This is an intriguing post, Rita. Thank you!

    Hope Mama is doing well. She’s in our prayers.

    • Thank you, Runere. THere’s so much not known. What was it really used for? WHo built it and why? It’s not mentioned in the ancient writings. BTW, Mama is much better. Rita Bay

  2. How cool is that! Awesome

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