Forms of Sexual Tension

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about different forms of sexual tension. A few months ago I did an online chat where I talked about adding emotion to your sex scenes. During the chat one of my side topics was sexual tension. Since then I have started a new manuscript where the sexual tension is thick enough to cut with a butter knife.

There are many ways to add sexual tension. I prefer to have my characters bickering. Now, I was once told that bickering isn’t something strong enough to build a plot on. That’s true, however using tha as a character trait is different.  Having a couple who have a major plot of why they can’t or won’t be together is your main concept but giving them a trait where when near each other they bicker, creating a friction between them. That friction can be just the beginning to passion.

That is just one way to create sexual tension. Some authors keep characters touching. A stroke of a hand down an arm will do it. Sometimes the gentle press of lips near flesh but never touching. And even a certain glance will create tension.

Adding an emotional element to any form of creating sexual tension will draw your readers deeper into the relationship. As a reader I know that what ties me to a character is how something effects that character emotionally. When that character is fighting with the other how does she feel? What are her hidden emotions? by bringing those hidden emotions to your readers they will connect your readers to your characters.

Those emotions can be presented in the smallest ways. Just a thought here or there. A slight sigh. A cuss. A blink. Those little actions can reveal emotions that are behind the sexual tension.

What are things you look for as a reader when it comes to tension, relationships, or traits?

thanks everyone.


4 Responses

  1. I like the bickering and fights to lead to sexual tension…as you know. Great post, Sayde. Butter knife? LOL 🙂

  2. A spark, is a spark, is a spark . . . have to start that fire somehow! lol

    Sometimes bickering works better than anything else; you KNOW the attraction has to be strong to overcome initial feelings of dislike.

  3. Great post- I like your stories and the tension is well done.

    I like little, subtle touches, too.

  4. Great post, Sayde. I love it when the couple starts out in a fight, then ends up – well, you know. Makes for some hot scenes!

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