Wetsday Man-Candy Mystery: SOLVED!

Someone out there may not have heard that two of us here on the Sizzle went to New York City for the RWA National Conference recently. I mean, if you haven’t talked to us, read any of our blog posts, followed us on twitter . . . Suffice it to say, we haven’t shut up about it since we got back.
And while Ms. Jillian Chantal is a regular visitor to the Big Apple, it was my first chance to actually spend fun time in the city. (I do not count the two days I was stranded in JFK and Newark during the air traffic controllers strike!) Though the city coped quite well with having me and 2100 of my dearest and closest friends hanging out in Times Square for a week, my life has been forever changed. Just the mention of lobster bisque is enough to send me into giggle fits, and I am proud to say that I can now hail a cab just like I’m from Lawn Guyland. It was a fabulous week, and I am trying to figure out how to: A) have a necessary and essential business trip to NYC as soon as possible, and B) convince hubs that I really, really have to go to RWA next summer.
One of the best things about RWA is, as everyone says, the people you meet. I fell in with a gang of wild women who I now count as dear friends (Waves to EvangelinaJo, Jenn, Vicky, and the rest!) And if you know any of them, you can imagine that the topic of masculine physiques came up. (So to speak.) Yes, the man-candy maniacs took Manhattan by storm.
But there was a man-candy mystery we could not solve, and it was driving us crazy. Whilst I was showing everyone my collection of Colin Firth photos and Vicky was giving us peeks at the ultimate Henry Cavill gallery, EvangelinaJo was enamoured of one of the most attractive gentlemen any of us had ever encountered. But, as is so often the case in our relationships with men, we didn’t even know his name.
I am pleased to report that days — nay, weeks – of intensive research have paid off. Thanks to JK’s killer websurfing skills, he has been identified. Houston, we have a name. Thus, in honor of RWA friendships and man-candy maniacs everywhere, I am able to present to you the one and only Swedish Supermodel, BEIRON ANDERSSON. Enjoy!


6 Responses

  1. I’m in lust! LOL – thanks for the #mancandy!

  2. Laughed my way through every word. NYC RWA11 was a life changer. Truly. I am forever grateful for all the help of my dedicated new BFFs. But it was research, casting for the hero of my novel. Reasearch, yeah…that’s it, strictly research. *winks to #mancandymonday colleagues* ;-D

  3. Haha! So glad I could help in your quest! Jenn

  4. Hey, calling him ‘Precious’ was working for me! *winks* But it’s nice to have his name so I can ogle– I mean GOOGLE –him a bit more!

    Great Man-candy, Ro’mama!

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