Industry Rants

Hello everyone! So this weekend I had some fun with my local RWA group, Gulf Coast Chapter of RWA, where I got to ride in the Pensacola bus with writers, Arabella Stokes, Kelly Stone, Jillian Chantal, Micki Gibson, and Jamie Farrel. I had a great time riding to Mobile with them, though Arabella did scare me a few times on the way back. I was silently going, “RED LIGHT RED LIGHT!!”  or “CAR, BRAKES!!!” but she was kind enough to let me ride in her car so I have nothing but love for her. A little excitement never hurts!!

At the meeting we talked about several things that happened at RWA nationals. I was not fortunate enough to get to go so I was very excited about this past meeting. I wasn’t disappointed by the meeting. I got a great deal of information. And I also heard a little about the rantings that were going on at nationals. Now, you have to understand, I don’t pay much attention to online rants. I am a member of several writers groups but they are all on digest mode except for my local group. I don’t normally pay attention to rants online but when in person, heck yeah I’ll listen. So apparently no matter what editors and agents are saying there is still a stigma on self published and epublished authors. Except when the epublished author is backed by a publisher who is funded by a HUGE print publisher. As an epubbed author this didn’t surprise me. I mean when you have to fight the “organization” to recognize your work then of course agents and editors are going to be unimpressed by your past work. However, what just kills me is when all you hear is “it’s not about your publishing credits, it’s about the story.” I have come to hate this phrase 🙂

But my point is not to fall into a rant. I could, easily, however I won’t.

I had to stop and wonder if I was missing that many much in being on digest on my writers groups. Are we as authors defending our choices too much these days or are our words getting out more than before because these are hot topics?

I have no answers. All I can tell you are my personal experiences and for those I normally don’t go into detail online, because it’s ONLINE!! I always try to practice what I preach, Never EVER post, tweet or facebook something that could come back to bite you in the ass later!!

Are you self published, epublished, or print published and ever felt the need to defend your choice? Or have you ever been looked down on because of your choice? I’d love to hear about this and if you are a writer and tired of hearing about the stigma on epublished and self published books, I’d love to hear from you too and also if you’re published and what type of published you went with.


thanks so much!! I look forward to reading interesting opinions!!



2 Responses

  1. Where was all this ranting going on? I didn’t hear it. LOL! I agree about ro’mama and her lack of concern about red lights.

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