Sleeping Alone . . . and Still No Covers!

Tuesday night was only the second time in 28 years Hubby and I have slept apart. And it certainly felt strange. I usually sleep with a leg draped over him, and kept waking up with a cramp in my calf from stretching my toe across the bed trying to find him.

He had to spend the night in a sleep study lab. Writing buddy Jeff Salter from Four Foxes One Hound asked why I didn’t stay there with him. Well, for one thing they wouldn’t let me! I tried to cling to the door frame, but it was two on one. Like I told him, it’s a little hard to keep your leg wrapped around the potted plant with one tech dragging you from behind and the other peeling you off things.

Probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. There were far too many wires I might have dislodged. By the time they finished hooking hubby up he was decidedly disgruntled. Don’t think it was what he expected. Wired head to toe, he had straps around his chest, stomach, head and thighs to keep dozens of wires and leads somewhat in place. Can’t decide if he looked more like a bad bondage experience, or a Junior High science experiment run amok. And when they put the combo oxygen meter/snore mic in place? I had to pretend to cough to cover laughing because it looked like an up-the-nose retainer from hell. Knew he was mad because his eyes started to glow that strange blue that happens when he’s angry. I did as I promised and called when I made it home okay. The tech that answered kept snorking through the phone — that half laugh, half chortle sound people make when they try to laugh and breathe at the same time —  because he thought it was hysterical hubby refused to even lay down until he heard I was home safe. He hung up snorking again. Said he was going to tell hubby I left the message I’d decided to stop off at Michael’s (a local club) for a couple of drinks. 

I wasn’t the only one missing hubby when I got home. Again and again the dogs went to the back door, only to turn and look at me. It was obvious they were saying “Yo! You forget something in the truck? How about getting him?” They wandered the house off and on all night looking for him. I guess Cochise, my rescue Pit, was determined not to lose both of his kibble keepers, because he crawled up on the bed about halfway through the night. Ever tried to doze back off with a 60 pound dog draped across you calves? I couldn’t chase him  off. With an entire king sized bed available, he commandeered my half with me in it, and wouldn’t budge. He even had all the covers! I must feel really, really safe where we live, because when I got up at 4AM to pick Hubby up at 5:30, I found hadn’t even locked the door. Don’t tell him I forgot, though. I lied and told him I double and triple checked everything.  (Hey, I thought I did!)

But one good thing happened to keep my mind off being alone and feeling pitiful. Danica Avet sent me an ARC of the latest book in her Veil series!  I started reading it, and so far I really am enjoying Izzy and Grant’s story in AIN’T NO BULL. It will be released (Siren Publishing) July 13th, and I definitely recommend it! Check Danica out at her website, or with her blog partners at From what I understand, she just may have a few more copies to give away!

Anyway, Hubby’s back home and all is well with the world again. Went to bed last night and I think both of us were a little more snuggly than usual. I was about to drift off when he rumbled,complaining,  “Don’t know why they call it a sleep lab. Sure didn’t sleep much without you there.”

I just smiled in the dark when he gave me a squeeze. I relaxed for the first time in almost  forty-eight hours. I slung a leg over him, sighed, and thought, Yepall’s right with the world.

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4 Responses

  1. Aww, I’m glad your hubby is home with you again. It might not be quite the same, but when I was NYC, I missed my dog snuggling up against my back, or kicking me in the butt while she slept. *sniff* 😉

    Thanks for the plug!!

  2. I really should have taken a picture! But he’d never have forgiven me. lol

    And imagine hubby AND the dog doing the elbow, foot, knee, paw, cover stealing, space hogging routine at the same time. Sometimes I wake up feeling like I’ve been in a tag team match!

    Best of luck with AIN’T NO BULL and upcoming book number five in your Veil series!

  3. Glad the boy is back in his own bed where he belongs. Danica is awesome and I’m glad she sent you the ARC- how fun!

    • I’m glad he’s back too, Jillian! And I’m grateful for Danica’s sending AIN’T NO BULL!

      And another good thing; Cochise has been shoving his bowling ball head between STEVE’S knees for a change! I’m enjoying every moment of that! lol

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