A Wetsday Mystery!

Y’all don’t mind me. I’m just floating along in a total golden afterglow. And no, it has nothing to do with fantasies of Colin Firth this time. Nope, my utter and complete happiness is the result of RWA11, or as I refer to it “The Alltime Ultimate Professional Conference of the Universe.”

Seriously. It was that good. I have tried to think of anything about it that wasn’t absolutely fantabulous, and I can’t. Ok, well, maybe the rubber chicken for every official luncheon, but that was more than made up for with the food at other events I attended. (Sabrina Jefferies, I’m looking at you — your Italian buffet lunch was the stuff of culinary dreams.)

But the greatest strength of RWA, and the factor that made the NYC Conference so wonderful, is its people. I can’t remember meeting one person who was less than helpful, friendly and all-around nice to know. I met people I have nothing — I mean NOTHING — in common with, except that we were united in a love of the written word, and that was enough to form immediate and deep friendships.

But, alas, nothing gold can stay, and all good things must come to an end. I’m back at the dayjob, reading contracts and fighting with union attorneys, checking the clock about every 10 minutes.

This means, though, that I am back to my regular posting routine here on the Sizzle, and I’m more psyched up than ever about finding lovely damp gentlemen to inspire your writing efforts.

Courtesy of one of my new RWA buddies, the always-hilarious and enthusiastic Ms. Evangelina Joseph, I bring you a Wetsday Mystery. She shared this photo with a group of man-candy maniacs in NYC, and you can imagine our response. However, there is a problem. No one has been able to tell us the gentleman’s name! Now, I agree, with abs like that, who cares what his name is. Not like you plan to do much talking with him, anyway! But then again, how can I stalk him if I don’t know who he is and where to find him?

So help a maniac out! If you know the name (and better yet, address, telephone number and twitter account!) of today’s guest, leave it in the comments. The first correct answer will get a $10 gift certificate for Amazon (all the better to buy one of the Sizzler’s upcoming releases with, natch!)



4 Responses

  1. I have no idea who that is, but he sure is yummy. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. At least you have this hot picture to get you through.


    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

  2. I had him on Badurday the day I had the retrospective, too. He’s a doll.

  3. I knew he looked familiar. Jillian did sneak him in with some bad boys she had shared with us before. He is yummy.

  4. Wait . . . I’m supposed to form coherent thoughts after looking at Mr. Dark and Delicious? Sorry. Brain on autopilot after sensual meltdown here. lol

    He’s gorgeous, Arabella! No matter what his name!

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