Moonday’s Heroic Hunks in History: More Laocoön

 Last week, our Heroic Hunks in History Laocoön and his Sons  in the famous Greek marble.  The sculpture,  attributed to the sculptors Agesander, Athnodoros, and Polydorus of Rhodes, depicts the death of Laocoön, the Trojan priest of the god Poseidon and his two sons.  The original is housed in the Vatican Museums in Rome.  The sculpture was damaged when it was discovered and several conjectures about the appearance of the orginal have been proposed.  For example, Laocoon’s upraised hand is a best guess but later researchers propose that his arm should be bent back behind his head trying to dislodge the python who, most likely is biting his head.  Today we’ll check out a few of the copies in bronze, marble, and print.  With and without the fig leaf.

Bronze Copy by Primaticcio (1543)

Copy by Bandinelli (1520)

Thomassin (1694)

Most Probable Original Form

Next week, a very special Heroic Hunk–GW as you’ve never seen him.  Rita


2 Responses

  1. Mondays always start better with you, Rita Bay. Even with horrific subject matter! (Like you said last week, it would be horrible to watch your children killed in front of you.)

    But the sheer beauty of the artwork is fantastic.

    Have you gotten your cover for INTO THE LYON’S DEN yet? So excited over your coming release!

  2. Thanks so much, Runere. Love to research my Hunks. Week after next, I will feature the site where Laocoon was discovered. In the 1950s, archaeologists returned to the site and excavated several additional sculptures. BTW, you will appreciate next week’s Salute to the 4th.
    No cover yet. There was a flurry of activity when I signed the contract–publication date assigned (Summer, 2012) author info forms, cover info background for artwork, editor assigned, book placed in queue for editing. Now, I wait until the editor starts her edits. Champagne folks are very professional and extremely well-organized. Authors’ Loop is great. Rita Bay

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