The Once a Month Curse

Ok, so we’re not going go talk about monthly female issues. No way. And I totally did that title for attention. But I do get a special treat once a month that I don’t think I’ve ever advertised enough. You see I’m a member of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Romance Writers America. The first Saturday of every month I get the oppurtunity to sit down with some of my favorite people, the Sizzlers and many more fabulous authors. This past Saturday the talented Kelly Stone did a presentation and it was wonderful. If you haven’t read any of Kelly’s nonfiction work you really should. As a writer I find her techniques and insight very helpful.

This month I got to sit by Paula and am excited for her. The woman has amazing ideas that I’m sure will become even more amazing books. At the end of each table sat two other Sizzlers, one Ms. Arabella Stokes who for some unknown reason believes she’s in charge. Well, it might have something to do with the fact that she’s our president but still! 🙂 And on the other table was Ms. Jillian Chantal. It’s always so funny to be at the same table with her, especially at opposite ends because what happens is that we  start the table with one mind set and end it with the identical one! I swear sometimes it’s just scary!!

Along the middle of the pack was the ever happy, Jamie Farrell. This lady just cracks me up all the time just by smiling. She’s always giggling which (shockingly) makes me laugh. Plus she brings her five month old baby who is gorgeous!

This weekend I left, heading to my favorite “after meeting” place to eat. As I’m ordering I see the three women coming in the door with the same idea. Yay! We got to spend even more time together which was fabulous. Jamie showed us this really cool website that rates your books’ best selling capacity just by typing in it’s title. I can’t remember the name of the website but it had us all laughing over the results. And I got the chance to run an idea for a new cowboy book by my friends. I’m excited to work on it now. For some reason I keep writing paranormals but my cowboys just flow so much easier!

Every first Saturday of every month the Gulf Coast Chapter of RWA meets. For more information please head over to our website or email any of us Sizzlers. We’re all members.

And for my ladies here you go. I’m so glad you’re my friends. Rita and Runere, I hope to see you next month!!



6 Responses


    That’s the title scorer – total time suck, but lots of fun too!

    It was awesome hanging out with you on Saturday! Can’t wait for next month to do it again! 🙂

  2. Sounds like fun, Sayde! Love the title of this blog… 🙂

  3. Hate I missed this month’s meeting, especially with Kelly doing the presentation. But weather dropping a pine top on the dog pens couldn’t be ignored. Nothing was hurt but my feelings, but it caused some major aggravation with cleanup.

    Glad you got the same recharge I always do when attending. You know what? We couldn’t ask for a better group than GCCRWA! Rock on, ladies! (And our man, Don, too! lol)

  4. Sayde, Sayde Sayde. Never tell people how much we think alike. It’ll scare the natives. Lol. Seriously, we have way too much fun together and I love seeing you. The new haircut after your great gift to locks of love is awesome. Can’t wait to read the new cowboy book AND I agree with the title rated- it’s a great title. I DID type rater above and dang auto correct won’t let me fix it. Stupid iPad.

  5. Large and in charge, baby. That’s me. The Gulf Coast chapter of RWA is one of the best groups ever, anywhere!!! I love you chicas!!!!

  6. Hello Sayde, Love my sizzlers.. and the GCCRWA. You girls are the best.

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