Moonday’s Heroic Hunk in History: A Knockoff?

      This week’s Heroic Hunk in History is an Apollo Belvedere knockoff.  Apollo Belvedere has been considered a symbol of male perfection. The marble statue is a 2nd century AD Roman copy of a 4th century BC Greek bronze probably by Leochares, the sculptor for Alexander the Great.  It was discovered in the 1489 near Anzio in central Italy and brought to theVatican in 1511 by Julian della Rovere (Pope Julian II).





    The “knockoff” is Michelangelo’s David.  Michelangelo was hired in 1501 to the complete the David project.  Since he had spent time in Rome and had worked for Julian della Rovere (later Pope Julian II).  Michelangelo did not sculpt using a model but from bits and parts of his own drawings. Michelangelo had a photographic memory and could easily have used Apollo Belvedere as a model for David.  Check out both.  What do you think?

Next week, another gorgeous Greek.    Rita Bay


2 Responses

  1. Comparison definitely raises questions in the mind. They’re both beautiful, however.

    I’ve always preferred the leanness to David’s face over the boyish roundness of Apollo’s. Why? I have no earthly idea! lol

    Thanks for sharing the beauty and the information, Rita!

  2. Love these guys!

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