What Day Is It, Anyway?

OMG. Yes, I completely forgot what day it is. I can’t cope with a day off – since I didn’t work Monday, today has felt like Tuesday all day.
I hear all of you snickering. Well, children, when you get to be this old, you won’t remember anything either. Like I told Jillian the other day, I can’t be expected to remember stuff – I have over 5 decades of song lyrics using up my brain cells. I cannot for the life of me tell you where my cell phone is from one minute to the next, but if anyone wants to know all the words to all the verses of “I’m a Helluva Date From Florida State,” I’m your huckleberry.
And the mention of my age and of songs brings us to today’s guest. I was just a wee bit too old for this gentleman’s day in the teen idol sunshine. He became a teen idol just as I was getting married and settling down in the early eighties.
But I’ve enjoyed watching him over the years, and a number of you have requested that he appear in all his moist glory one Wetsday.
Not only is he gorgeous, but he’s still married to his highschool sweetheart/the mother of his kids! And that makes him a real romance hero in my book!
So, by popular demand, here’s Jon Bon Jovi!!!










5 Responses

  1. love Bon Jovi! he is a really great guy. he does a lot of charity work and as you said is still madly in love with his sweetheart.
    if only we could all be so lucky! LOL

  2. Sorry I’m late commenting, Ro’mama. But like I tweeted earlier, If drama was alcohol, we’d all be drunk.

    Have loved this man and his work forever it seems. And the fact he’s still with his sweetheart restores a little faith in celebrities! Lovely post!

  3. Love Bon Jovi… sorry I missed this.. whoot.

  4. Ok. What’s up with the amount of hair on his chest in the first pic. UGH! So not attractive to me. It’s odd, too that it gets less as he ages. The last ones looked like they’ve been waxed but the beach one is a puzzle. Something to mull over- oh, Romancemama, you’ve assigned me an onerous task but I’ll try.

  5. Bon Jovi just gets better and better!!! Love that man, and yes, he’s too young for me too.

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