Rolling in the Deep

Hello everyone! I truly hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. I got to go see my nephew play in a coach tournament in Foley, Al. The traffic was horrible so of course I was late and only got to see him play two innings. But his team won and I’m very proud of him. I don’t normally talk about my family here because well, they don’t all know my pen name J however, I have some of the most talented nephews ever! My oldest nephew and middle nephew are two of the best baseball players I’ve seen as kids. And no, I’m not being biased here. They have bright futures ahead. My other nephew is talented in another way, he’s a comedian and can convince you to do just about anything. He’s a talker and boy can he talk J He also rides horses and I’m looking forward to seeing how he turns out when he gets a little older and can rodeo.  So anyhow that was my weekend, seeing my nephews.

I also got the chance to write a little. I spent way too much time on youtube listening to writing music and was so surprised to be struck with an idea of a new story. It might shock you all to know that I dabble with writing Christian romance on the side. I truly enjoy writing lost love stories and how the relationship comes back together. I toy with ideas all the time and while I knew I had to write at least one scene for a paranormal romance I’m writing I found two perfect songs.

The first song I listened to while writing a fight/love scene was Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I just love this song, it’s so angry but sexy. I mean my characters were so mad with each other yet at the same time they wanted to “roll in the deep”. This was just the perfect song to listen to while having them kinda hash things out. This relationship is at the point where they can’t decide to have it all or to burn it to the ground. Of course they didn’t resolve anything but still it was fun to write and I am really enjoying writing this story when I find the time to write.

The second song I listened to screamed to my heart about lost loves. Oh wow, Adele has the best voice ever!! I’m beyond in love with listening to her sing. Her song, Someone Like You, is the ideal song for how my characters for my Christian romance are feeling. In this book it’s about two characters who were high school sweethearts yet in college everything changed and they lost each other. Years later my main character is working in the ER and in comes the man who she lost. His son is hurt and she has to treat him. She knows he’s married and is a preacher now but has no idea that his wife had left him with his son.  They get a second chance to do it over, to have an adult relationship and begin again. Only the ex-wife(lots of detail on the divorce in the book J ) shows up wanting him and their son back. My main character wants to do the right thing and let the family reunite but as a woman she wants to beat the tar out of this woman who has come back to ruin her relationship. Working everyday in the ER and dealing with the ups and downs of life, she’s started to question God also.  So it’s a journey from teenage wild child to mature woman who has to rediscover her faith and trust love. My preacher spoke of “getting in the boat” one Sunday and that sermon stuck out to me more than others. In this book this woman has to decide to “get in the boat” or be left forever on the shore.


I love to dabble. I get an idea and let it flow. If I only get one chapter so be it but I’ve got to try.  Do you dabble? Do you find one thing that you like and never try anything new?

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  1. Both beautiful songs, Sayde– and her voice is so rich it pulls you in even further.A definite treat!

    I try new things constantly, tyring them for ‘fit’; think it’s left over from my days as a magazine staff writer. You never knew what you’d be assigned (and it could be literally anything) so you learned to look for the interesting and intriguing things about any subject.

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