Real Life vs. Fiction

Hi all. So as usual I have a few things going on around the house that take more time than I have to offer. The past three weeks I have been having some contracting work done on an addition to the house as well as my seasonal flower workers working. This year it took me several weeks to locate my seasonal workers as their phone had been disconnected. I finally found an address for the lady I work with and I drove to her place. Well, it was in the middle of a very bad neighborhood but when I finally found the house it was burned. I googled the address to see any news reports on it but came up empty. After a week of putting the word in the wind that I was looking for her, my lady showed up at my house. She said her house had been burned and she’d had to move to the projects(her words not mine!).

So we get to work, well her and her son get to work cutting flowers out in the bogs of Southern Alabama. Each afternoon before they go home for the day I’d go out and sit with them. As they are cutting the ends of the flowers we shoot the breeze. Come to find out her house was actually set on fire twice! I was astounded and asked what had happened. Well let me tell you all now, I was not prepared for her story. Real life is crazy! And this is a really good example!

The morning her house was burned she and her long time boyfriend get into a huge fight. She tells him to get his stuff and leave. She’s done. He informs her that if he leaves ain’t no body going to be coming back to that house. She shrugs his threat off and tells him whatever just to be gone by the time she gets back the next day. She leaves.

The next morning she comes home only to find her home is burned to the ground. The local fire chief see’s her and explains that around two the afternoon before they received a call about a house being on fire. They responded and put the fire out with little damage to the structure. At eleven that evening they received another fire call to the home. This time when they arrived the house was ablaze and nothing could be done but to try and contain the fire.

Witness’s on the scene saw her ex leaving after both times the fire was started. He left a message, “see ain’t nobody living in that house now B!@ch.”
His whereabouts are known to her and she is ready to seek her revenge.

I told you all that this was crazy. I was wild eyed at her after hearing this. I mean I’d want to seek revenge too but what does one say besides “damn”? As I walked off my writers brain kicked into gear. What an unreal suspense this story would make. I mean the heroine is ready to get even but what if the ex is even crazier than she thought. Oh did I mention he killed her dog too!! Seriously this is just insane but if it were a book I’d be all over this story!

So what crazy stories have you heard lately that are fact and not fiction but would make an excellant book?


4 Responses

  1. Okay…that’s just crazy. He killed her dog? I would find him and gut him. My baby means the world to me!

    Hm…crazy stories…lately? Um. Dang. I don’t have anything to compare to that! That’s like something you’d read in a book. Really. I got nothing…LOL You’ve totally blown my mind.

  2. Wow! That is crazy! Real life is so odd sometimes.

  3. Gee!! WOWSER!! I’ve always said truth is stranger than fiction- some contest judge would prob tell you that would never happen if you wrote it in a story. LOL! There was a guy here once a long time ago that did a similar thing- he blew up the house like he told his wife he would if she got it in their divorce. The thing was, he went with it. WILD.

  4. One story from around here doesn’t even come close to that! Give that woman a hug from me and let her know people feel for her. You might want to suggest she sleep with one eye open too.

    For years on the east side of Hwy 603 there stood half a house. Literally. Turns out a divorce judge told the couple to ‘split’ the house. Of course he meant put it on the market and split the proceeds.

    But before that could happen, the man showed up with a chain saw and a house mover. He chainsawed the home exactly down the middle and carted off his half. The other half stood there until it just fell down. Strange doings, for sure.

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