A Lesson Learned

Hello everyone, sorry this is late posting, but I’ve had a busy day. I have some bad news, I will no longer post pieces of any of my stories. This past weekend, I found out that some contracts states that if you post part, all of your story on face book, blog, or webpage you can not get a contract on your work. At the time of starting my story it was for the blog only, but as I put a lot of work into it I thought why not try to get published through e-book, especially since it’s so hot now.

So friends, I’ll have to think of something new to post, because I think all of the other ladies have our blog full of interesting goodies, and I dont’ want to be the weak link here…so I have to brain storm for next Thursday. Also I thought this needed to be posted for others who might do such a thing with their work.

Have a killer day.. Enjoy your weekend.. and as always Thanks for stopping by.. GothicDweller


4 Responses

  1. I understand your point, Gothicdweller, but I must have my weekly pics! Rita Bay

  2. hi Rita, Sorry no pictures this time.. next time

  3. Hey G’dweller! You’ll have all kinds of publishing news soon, so you don’t have to worry about what to post!

    • With e-publishing growing like it is, I think our chapter needs a workshop on what different houses may include in a contract.

      One of the clauses I encountered was while ‘excerpts’ were acceptable since they’re considered marketing tools, the author had to sign a statement the story had never been posted to a blog, website, contest or other public venue.

      If it had, the author could no longer sell first rights to the material because it’s already been ‘published’ as soon as it’s posted.

      Who do we have that could walk us through this particular jungle? And just how finely do we need to draw the line between ‘excerpt’ and posting?

      That clause finished with the warning the house had ‘the right to recoup any and all expenses’ involved in just such cases.

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