Wetsday: Navy SEALS!!!

Is it any surprise that this week half the romance writers I know have thought about starting a Navy SEAL story? Those buff, daring young men, doing heroic James-Bondian exploits, all in the line of duty to God and Country! Even Bridget, my muse, is pondering a time-traveling SEAL who serves as Wellington’s secret weapon at Waterloo!

As a Pensacola girl, I have to say, I knew my Navy boys could do the job! And, having met a few SEALS along the way, I can tell you they looked good while they did it!






By the way, dibs on the tall Ginger SEAL in that group shot. Rawrrr!

9 Responses

  1. You’re right, Ro’mama! I’ve even thought about it…but I’m not sure it would be fair to have a werewolf Navy SEAL. Can you say too much of a good thing? 😉

    So proud of our boys. I had faith in their abilities and determination.

    • Hey, Danica. There’s always a selkie Seal who signs up to serve his country but must keep his true nature a secret and protect his pelt! Interesting ramifications there. Rita Bay

  2. Can’t think of a better Wetsday subject, Ro’mama!

    Here’s to real men with a true sense of duty who don’t shirk getting the job done. Navy Seals! Bless them all!

  3. Perfect choice, Ro’mama, this fine Usama-less day!!

  4. Danica, hon, if not a selkie, maybe a noble merman who fights for the peace of the world in his be-legged form as a Navy SEAL …?

  5. And seriously, could we change their name to SHARKS or BARRACUDAS or something. Baby harp seals, these guys ain’t!!!

  6. Well Done. I love it.

  7. Ahhh the inspiration. And Ro Ma you can have the tall ginger but I call dibs on the blond. Which one? All of em since I can’t make up my mind.

  8. Oooh just had a thought. Does this mean SEAL books will become all the rage again. Dusting off my Suzanne Brockmann books, looking surreptitiously around. MMMM SEAL books.

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