A Royal Wetsday

I guess y’all have noticed that the blogosphere, particularly the romance novel quadrant thereof, has gone completely and totally royal wedding mad. I’ve done quizzes to determine my guest-list name (Lady Lucy Sergeant-Blount), checked out the Royal Replica Ring Pop, and voted for innumerable hair-dos, cakes and dresses.
But some of you may be missing the real import of this wedding. There is now only one available Prince of the British Empire. And as I have two teenage daughters, either Harry converts to Mormonism or one of my DDs is SOL.
Seriously, the morning GMA announced that William and Kate were engaged, I woke my girls up to let them know what disappointments they were to me. Probably my best shot at hanging out at the tea table with the dear Queen, and my girls let me down!
But there is still that one last bright hope. Harry has the best of both worlds — he can do the royal thing with the family, but he can also be left more or less alone. You know the Queen Mum always said they’d have been happier if David hadn’t abdicated. Of course, with Queen Wallis, we’d all be speaking German now, so that all worked out for the best.
Anyway, like the rest of the eager Anglophile Mamas, I am setting my sights on Dear Harry. Who is certainly worthy of the chase!!!








Now, this is a family-safe blog, but if you have a yen for a better look at the Royal Family Jewels, bop on over to my other blog, http://romancemama.wordpress.com/. NSFW!!!


2 Responses

  1. Always found Harry the more appealing of the two brothers. But maybe the weight of the crown was what I found so off-putting with/for William. In his Royla role, the guy faces pressures I don’t want to imagine.

    But the pics of Harry sure are nice! And I’m headed for your blog immediately!

    Ta, Arabella!

  2. Very nicely done. This guy is quite the chap, isn’t he?

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