An Easter Surprise & Something New

Posted my Easter greetings yesterday instead of today. Eggs, baby chicks and bunnies are symbols of life and new birth to remind us that Easter is the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection.  The vintage card from around 1905 is a tad risque–don’t think the chick was of the Easter sort.

Posted this You Tube Resurrection Celebration – Dance Your Shoes Off from Lifeway Worship.  There were 2,000 participants and all the new shoes used by the dancers were donated to charity. 

If you’ve seen that one, here’s a little bit different one from Budapest that had 1.5 million views.  Amazing that after World War II Hungary was without the right to worship freely when it was under Soviet Communist domination.  When the Hungarians  rebelled against the Soviets in 1956, the tanks rolled in and the revolt was put down with the loss of more than 2,000 lives. Those few older people dancing must ave come through hell to get where they are now.   The Soviets (now Russians) didn’t leave until 1991.  To get an idea of what happened during the Hungarian revolution, the James A. Michener’s Bridge at Andau is an interesting fictional read. 

Next week, a return to some classical art in history.  Rita Bay



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  1. Beautiful video, Rita. Truly an instance of following His instruction. The one that says when we celebrate we’re to ‘take up the timbrel and dance!”

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