Happy Easter!!!

 A Sizzling Vintage EASTER GREETINGS from the Sizzlers!!

Check out this You Tube Resurrection Celebration – Dance Your Shoes Off from Lifeway Worship.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KX2-J6uS-o&feature=player_embedded


3 Responses

  1. Lordy, RitaBay! How you managed to find a sizzling vintage Easter card, I will never know, but it’s perfect!!! Happy Easter to all!

    • One of my g-g–mother’s beaus sent it to her around 1905. We don’t know who because they signed numbers rather than names because anyone can read.whatever’s on the postcard The ones at Rita Bay are copies though. Not exactly a traditional idea of a CHICK. Hope you check out the YouTube video I added later–it is SO joyful. Rita Bay

  2. Your GREAT grandmother, right? And every generation thinks they’re the first generation to experience ‘sexy’!

    I love this, Rita Bay. Hope your great-grandmother is listening when we all say thanks for having flirty, risque, and quite daring beaus! She had to be quite a woman.

    Happy Easter!

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