Badurday- April 23, 2011- Eric Bana

I’m not a big fan of Eric Bana but I enjoyed him in the film I saw on Good Friday. It’s called Hanna. It’s an intriguing movie about a young girl who was trained from birth to defend herself. It really is quite a tragic movie over all. I liked the way Bana played his role and he did a spectacular job on the accent for his character.  They had him in baggy britches for most of the film and that was tragic.  LOL.  Mr. Bana has played a bad boy in several movies and we know he’s shown his bad attitude on the set as well.  He is a nice looking man and so, I decided we could enjoy the view today. I give you Mr. Eric Bana.


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  1. I went last night to see Hanna and I loved it, so much so I dreamed about it last night. The girl, Saoirse, who played the role of Hanna, I thought was perfect with her coloring. I Might go see it again today….it made me feel inspired to write. I love that feeling.

  2. I like him. I’ve enjoyed him in everything i have seen him in even that bad Hulk movie. He was enjoyable at least. good Choice

  3. Planning on seeing Hanna during the week after the kids and grandkids head for home. People either love it, or don’t. Can’t wait to see how I feel about it.

    And thanks for including someone even though he’s not a favorite due to ‘tude — As long as he performs well on the screen, I’m happy. After all, I’m not the one who has to live with him! lol

    Nice pick this week!

    • Amen as to not having to live with him. LOL! I think you will enjoy the film- it was disturbing but well done.

      • Sorry, there wasn’t a reply link to your other comment.

        Wow, do you have a link to it? I’d like to hear it myself.

    • What’s up with his attitude? Is he really arrogant or something?

      • There was an audio of him on the set of one of his movies- he was yelling about how important he was and it was littered with profanity. He was on a rant. It was really a bit over the top behavior-wise.

  4. AND I LOVE ERIC… he’s sexy.. cute.. yummy

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