Happy Cop Wetsday

​Good April morning, everybody! Here in along the Gulf Coast (aka The Emerald Coast, the Land of Silken Sands, or just God’s Country), it has been so gorgy-gorgeous the past few days. Spring in NW Fla. makes up for all the things Mother Nature does to us in the wet drippy winter, bug-and-humidity doldrums of summer and the fall allergy season.
​The only little fly in my ointment of content is the pesky matter of the day job. As a dear friend of mine used to sigh every morning, “Why’s a pretty girl like me got to work for a living?” A question for the ages, mon amis.
​So here I sit, getting ready to go to the salt mine – excuse me, I mean the luxurious offices of the local government agency to which I’ve given some of the best years of my life. Would I rather stay home and write? You betcha. (Use Sarah Palin accent for that.) But until I either hit the lottery or write the next Twilight-style blockbuster, I’ll be churning out ten-page briefs on the legal rights of children.
(Personally, I don’t think they should have any, and they don’t chez Ro-mama. But then I am a well-known reactionary. I still am not sure about the whole voting-without-owning-land question. I would have done so much better mentally in the 19th Century.)
But let’s not head down any of those particular rabbit-trails this morning. Next thing you know, I’ll start asking why I am here and why a certain Italian stick-insect is in London with my true love, and I’ll just get depressed. So let’s turn to something cheerful.
And what is more cheerful than a nice, wet Texan? I can’t say that I knew this gentleman before I went snooping around the intertubes. In trying to write the Great American Romance Novel, I’ve had to give up certain things. When it got to a choice between t.v. and sleep, I went with sleep. So I hardly ever watch network t.v. anymore. I hulu a few things, but I am largely t.v. illiterate.
So what a lovely surprise it was to discover today’s guest. I was rummaging through the google images for “hot wet man” – and boy, does that produce some great search results – when up popped our boy. Now, it wasn’t the wet shot – it was just him in a cop uniform for his police drama, CSI. But kids, take a look at the name tag on said uniform – our guest plays a Las Vegas cop named (I kid you not) Officer Stokes. Now remember that my WIP is a chick-lit about a girl who ends up with the nice-guy cop character. Somewhere along the way, in my Arabella persona, I obviously married this guy.
So, while the Hero of my WIP is a lovely Scottish type with auburn hair (think Eddie Redmayne in Pillars of the Earth), I’ve got a picture of our guest, Mr. George Eads as my screensaver this week.
Yummy hot cop-ness, and a Texan to boot. (You know what they say about Texas and size!) So before you settle down for a writing session or that nasty day job, here’s George:





6 Responses

  1. Okay, why am I fixated on the belt buckle in the last shot? “No, hand, no!” *smacks own knuckles* “We do not reach for things to get a closer look!”

    He’s a hottie, Ro’mama! Thanks for sharing your good taste in men!

  2. Love a man with a gun on his hip. Great choice Ro’mama.

  3. Love cop uniforms! Or as a friend of mine once asked: “Officer, are you sure that’s an intoxilyzer?”

  4. NICE! I got to see one of our favorite cops twice this week!!! OOH LA LA!

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