How Could I Have Missed This Wetsday Guest?

Do you ever have those face-palm, how-could-I-have-forgotten-this type moments? Nah, I’m sure all of you are on top of things and totally organized. But around my house, “OMG, I overlooked something basic” is a way of life.
And kids, I have to say, I have overlooked something so obvious, so basic to all we as Sizzlers hold dear, that I must hang my head in shame. I do not deserve the title of romance enthusiast. I humbly beg y’all’s pardon.
Somehow, over the past year-plus, I have forgotten to ever issue a Wetsday invitation to one of the true, all-time greats of the period costume drama, who not only fills out his Tudor-era codpiece exceptionally well, but looks darn good stripped down and lolling about in the water.

We first met today’s guest in one of the truly yummy historical movies, the fabulous Count of Monte Cristo. Though a mere lad, our hero more than held his own whilst sharing the screen with the exceptionally delicious Jim Cavieziel and Guy Pearce. After that, you may have seen him playing Brandon in that well-known eye-candy series, The Tudors. And yes, our boy can work a pair of tights just as well as Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

I was surprised to learn that today’s gentleman was considered the front-runner for the Cedric Diggory role in Harry Potter, ironically losing out in the final stretch to one Rob Pattinson. Why ironic? Because the legend is that Stephenie Meyer had a picture of our guest on her wall while she wrote the Twilight Saga, and she has called him her “Perfect Edward.” Unfortunately, the cinema powers-that-be decided he was too old for the movie. Had he, rather than RPattz, been cast as the glittery vampire, they wouldn’t have needed to airbrush his abs! He’d have been a lot more successful fighting off the comparisons to Jacob Black, too!

Anyway, this week I was hanging out on twitter with some of my Regency peeps, and Vicki Dreiling mentioned that today’s guest was the inspiration for the hero in her recent book, How to Marry a Duke (which is absolutely fabulicious, and all of you should read it, btw.) Sudden revelation! I had never brought you the scrumptious Henry Cavill for Wetsday! How could I have been so remiss?

So with apologies, I will just point out that good things come to those who wait — and your wait is over. Here’s Henry!







5 Responses

  1. O,,,M,,,G… I’ll lsay it again: What a beautiful, sexy man! I’ve seen him in historical work, but somehow missed him wet. And can he work a plain cotton T-shirt! (Our friend Jeff Salter is probably rolling his eyes at all the woman oggling going right on! lol)

    Well done, Ro’mama, well done!

  2. Looking good. I love some of those pics. 🙂

  3. Now if he had played Edward…I’d have forgotten all about Jacob and drooled along with the other teenagers. Hell, I’m drooling now! Niice, especially in that Tudor clothing! Rar…

  4. LOVE that last photo the best! Thanks for rectifying the situation and bringing us this hunk of masculinity!

  5. Sexy sexy sexy… and I’m sorry I was trying to be good, and thought.. ohhh I’m not late.. thinking it was Thursday..

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