Badurday – March 26, 2011- Bradley Cooper

I have been sadly remiss in not bringing you this guy as the Badurday Boy. He has been a bad boy in a few things.  He was in He’s Just Not That Into You as a pretty smarmy cheater husband.  He was also the Face in the remake of The A-Team and he was incredibly bad a** in that. He was also in The Hangover as a pretty wild guy.   If you watch his earlier stuff, he was not such a dream boat. He’s one of those guys that needed a little age on him to make him more attractive.  Enjoy!


8 Responses

  1. You’re totally right that he needed to be seasoned a bit to be hunky. Love him now! 🙂

  2. (Perfect example of ‘seasoning’? Sean Connery! He was okay when younger; but, honey, that man is truly sexy bald! LOL)

    I like this guy, even if his first efforts weren’t that memorable. His latest have been better and better.

    Thanks for taking care of us, Jillian! And sorry I got on here late. Have been a bit distracted, but think it’s all under control now.

  3. Absolutely a good one now. You are right, it took awhile for him to season. 🙂

  4. I was Boy Scouting this weekend and missed this on Saturday morning. You know how I feel about this particular boy bad or not. Thanks for sharing him with us here.

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