Badurday- March 19, 2011- Ray Liotta

I’ve been in  Los Angeles this past week and I set this blog post to go off while I’m on the way home so it’s gonna be short- I had to prepare 7 posts, for other blogs as well as this one before I left because I’m one of those Type-A personalities that can’t bear to be late or not do what I commit to do.  So, here ya go, Ray Liotta- he was in GoodFellas,  Revolver, Wild Hogs (a bomb of a movie, in my opinion), and Hannibal, among tons of others. These are the ones that stand out in my mind at the moment.

Here’s a photo or two and a video of him looking cute in the shower. Enjoy!

One Response

  1. Oh god I’m in love with Ray Liotta. I love you I love you I love you.. I love you…. I’ve seen all your movies about million times each… your so sexy aged very well ….. I dream of you eery night …. omg I named my son after you… xoxoxoxo

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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