A New Face for Wetsday!

It gets tiring, you know. Searching the internet, watching movies and t.v., scanning the paparazzi shots in magazines, all in an attempt to bring you your weekly attractive gentleman in his wet glory. Yes, children, I do it all for you. I’d rather be cleaning the bathtubs, but there you are.
And this week was particularly trying. I found pictures of all kinds of wet men, but nothing seemed exactly right for my adoring fans. I felt like it had all been done and said before. While I have no problem with running picture after picture of this year’s Oscar winning best actor, some of you might want more variety. So I laid aside Mr. Firth’s photo with a loving sigh and kept searching.
Just when it seemed that there would be no weekly wetness, or that I would settle for less than the standard I try to bring you each Wednesday, I stumbled across this week’s guest. Here’s how it happened.
Some of you may be aware that I have a weakness for gentlemen in period dress. Give me a boy in cravat and riding boots, and I am a happy camper. So of course I was interested in the recent PBS Masterpiece Classics presentation of Downton Abbey. A great story about the upstairs and downstairs lives in a large British mansion in the early 20th Century – right up my alley.
Of course, with the dayjob (bleh), the children and DH, trying to squeeze in my work on the Next Great Romance Novel and everything, I don’t get to watch much t.v. Enter my new iPhone! I downloaded the Netflix app, and I am now able to take movies with me on the fly. I watch in the carpool line, waiting in the doctor’s office, you name it. Thanks to Mr. Jobs’s little gadget, I finally got to watch Downton Abbey.
Kids, I highly recommend it. Great story, great actors, and of course the lush scenery and costumes PBS specializes in. You’ll love it.
And though he is in only one of the seven episodes of DA, you will no doubt have the same reaction I did to Theo James, the actor who plays Kemal Pamuk, a Turkish diplomat: Who the heck is he, and does he have brothers????
In trying to find out more about young Mr. James, I googled him. And like an answer to my Wetsday prayers, what should show up on my screen but a shot of Theo submerged in a bathtub? Eureka, I cried. So here is our guest in all his lovely hot wetness, as well as a couple of shots of him in costumes from DA.


One Response

  1. Since I have a thing for dark hair and dark eyes, I’m still scratching my head over marrying a blue-eyed red head. But then, he IS rather extra-special! LOL

    James is one gorgeous man, Ro’mama! Extremely interesting facial features. You never let us down!

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