Badurday – March 5, 2011- Liam Neeson

As the person I chatted to on Friday said to me as I tried to decide who to use for Badurday, our boy of the day is not bad– he’s a bad-ass!!  LOL!  He’s an awesome actor. I don’t believe I’ve seen any movie he’s in that I haven’t loved his performance.  One of my favorite roles of his was the fun Hannibal of the recent flick, The ATeam. It was a romp and a rollicking good time.  I also loved him in Michael Collins. I love that historical era and the fight for Irish liberation is a fascinating era in the history of that country. I wrote a book that comes out in July that has a couple of totally fictional scenes with Michael Collins in them.  Liam did an excellent job as the hero of the Irish fight for freedom.  He was even a wonderful Jedi warrior.  A couple of weekends ago, I saw his  newest movie, Unknown, and yep, I have to agree with Dandwh who I talked to today, he’s one bad-ass actor!!  And as you can see by these pictures, he has a strong thigh (definitely a plus in my book) and he’s ruggedly handsome. Adore him. And I added a cute video from you-tube, too.

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  1. Love Liam on the Rocks. OHHHH MY I love his movies but never think of him quite that way. I do love those “bad ass” roles. He was also just amazing in “Love Actually” (Thanks for introducing me to that movie). Another Epic Badurday. I always look forward to seeing who you’ve brought us.

  2. Yummers! Beautiful man! Wondering where this sudden urge to add a denim shirt to my wardrobe came from. Not just any denim shirt, but that PARTICULAR denim shirt! LOL

    On a serious note he is a very strong actor, and I can’t name a single thing he was in that I didn’t like. Thank you for such a lovely start to Badurday morning!

  3. He was awesome in “Taken”
    and he was superb in a movie with Sandra Bullock where he plays a gov’t agent who’s been betrayed.
    Can’t recall the name right now, but it has action, romance and comedy.

    • TAKEN was excellent! Another great one. The movie with Sandra Bullock was GUN SHY. It was quirky for sure! Another one I loved him in was SHINING THROUGH. I don’t really like Melanie Griffith but that’s one movie I’ll watch over and over.

  4. Excellent, excellent, excellent choice! My sister and I were just talking about him last week — bad-ass totally fits! 🙂

  5. He is awesome. Love, Liam. Great choice!! He has a crush on me, but doesn’t know it. 🙂

  6. I love Liam Neeson:) he’s so dreamy. I never paid to much attention to him, then came TAKEN, and I just can’t seem to get him out of my mind since…seriously. Well, since “Taken” I’ve gone to see every movie he has any participation in and he is GREAT no matter what character he plays…he is totally BADASS! Love u Liam:)

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