Oh, Crap! What Do You Mean, Wednesday!?!?!!?

OMG. I’m going thru my day like always, fighting with the people who try to rain on my parade everyday at the day job, when suddenly someone mentions that it is “Humpday.”
Now, aside from the thoughts that occur to any normal romance writer upon hearing such a comment, I was struck with a sudden panic. All day long, I thought it was Tuesday!
On the one hand, I am a day closer to the weekend, which has to be a good thing. However, this also means I forgot my @#%^! blog post.
As always, when you get caught unprepared, go with a classic. I can always count on my sweet babboo to fill in when I forget to do my wet man research. So, because I am a dork who doesnt know what day of the week it is, have a couple of my favorite pictures of the odds-on favorite to win this Year’s Oscar, my future second husband, Colin Firth!

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