Release Date Anticipation

Hi all. As most of you know I have a new release coming up on the 23rd. I admit I wasn’t very excited when I received word that Siren wanted to publish it and that’s not because I wasn’t happy, I was. I’m a realist, and I know that with each book that I sell comes hard work in getting it edited to my editors standard and then promoting it. I always get a little freaked out when the cover comes because you just never know if the art department is going to have the same vision as you do. This time was no different and things did vary. Some parts of the cover were not what I’d envisioned but now that I’ve had the cover for a few weeks I do like the variation. I mean we can’t all think alike can we?

So after the edits were done, the cover arrived, and I received my final release date I realized that I’m finally excited. I know it seems so strange to most people thatI never get excited about a book contract or really a cover but that’s just how I am. When everything is said and done is when my excitement hits me. Now I’m really looking forward to having UNTAMABLE out in the publishing world.  I was recently asked what my favorite part of the publishing process was and well, you guessed it, the release date. That date means that everything I’ve worked so hard for is completed. Now, it’s time to share my work with the world and have faith that readers will enjoy the world I built.

When you’re working to accomplish your goal, what point to do begin to get excited about the end result? Are you like me and just can’t get excited until it’s absolutely complete or do you go through stages where you get excited?

And don’t forget that not only am I having a release date coming soon, but our sizzler SFCatty, Jillian Chantall and ym wonderful critique partner Rebecca Zanetti also have release dates on the 22nd! You can find out more about both Jillian and I at and for Rebecca please visit her website for all the places you can pick up FATED. Oh and you know what, our most beloved commentor Danica Avet has her latest release and upcoming release also at Siren so stop by and check us all out!

4 Responses

  1. I didn’t realize it was next week until just now! Wow! Happy early Release Day!! 😀

  2. Hey Sayde! Thanks for the shout out. 🙂 I think my favorite part is when I send the book off to my editor…before all the pr stuff starts. I’m so excited for UNTAMABLE to release! We’ve been waiting for Jasper’s turn for awhile now.

  3. Fantastic news on the release date, Sayde! Can’t wait. Won’t be able to tell you my favorite part until I actually get a NOVEL out there, rather than short story! lol But holding the actual paper contract for the anthology–the difference between something physical, rather than simply phone calls and emails–finally made everything real for me.

    Proud of you, Cowgirl! Keep writing for the world to read!

  4. Mine is the “you won the lottery” email that validates that someone beside me likes my story. The rest is gravy. My gut always clenches when I see the header on the email “cover attached” See my blog today for Danica Avet’s take on cover angst.

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