A Happy Vintage Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY!!!  As a packrat and descendent of packrats, there’re  boxes full of “treasures” belonging to my ancestors in the basement.  One lady saved all her cards from her boyfriends.  We call the 100+ vintage postcards her “courting cards.”  Most date from 1905-1910.  Some are more risque than others.  Check out a humorous vintage valentine at http://ritabay.wordpress.com/.   Rita Bay


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  1. I’m glad that you and your ancestors were packrats. That card is beautiful.

    • My ancestors built the family home in 1885 (still have the house plan) and started accumulating “stuff” then. A succession of only children kept everything in one place. When my mother had to move, it took six months to pack up. Household hint: clean out the junk and label your pictures. Rita Bay

  2. What a fantastic card, Rita! Its color, quality, detail and dimension are sorely missing these days. Cupid is wonderfully done, the hearts, and the blue forget-me-nots even have shadows for depth.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Headed for http://RitaBay.wordpress.com right now!

    • Some are really beautiful. Others, not so much. Didin’t realize there was a market for the cards. Found some of the exact cards online-enjoyed checking them out. Cool!! Rita BAy

  3. That is so amazing! I love finding old letters and notes. What a treasure.

  4. I agree, Ciara. The other sides are amazing, also. These were sent in the mail where anyone could read. To keep nosy folks out of their business, the senders used numbers and intials as signatures and in their messages. Just like King James and Cecil before Queen Elizabeth’s died. Rita Bay

  5. Lovely card- it’s amazing how vivid it still looks. What a wonderful treasure trove.

  6. Are there any names on them? My sister is a genealogist and she says names, date and locations are vital to those looking to place family in a certain place at a certain time. Whatever you do, hang on to them.

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