Badurday-January 29, 2011- The Fabulous Danica Avet

EDITED ON JAN 31st TO ADD:  Winner of mask from Danica is Daisy Harris.  Congrats to Daisy!
JILLIAN:  Today we have a very special guest, Ms. Danica Avet. Danica was one of (Really, she was THE FIRST) our first readers here at this little ole blog.  She’s awesome and Sayde and I had a blast hanging out with her in Orlando at the RWA conference last July.  I’m so thriled for her that her first book comes out with Siren Publishers on February 2, 2011. This is book one in a series of three. 
I’m at the wedding of my husband’s great niece this weekend and won’t have much chance to get online so if you comment, it may not show up til the 30th. If not, don’t fret- we’ll leave open the comments til midnight on the 30th for a winner.  I’m also attaching Danica’s favorite bad boys here so if you want to know why she picked them, ask her in the comments!  So, with no further ado, welcome Danica.
DANICA:  Hey y’all!
I’m so thrilled Jillian invited me to visit because there’s nothing I love more than a bad boy. I love villains even more. I don’t want to sound like a twisted person, but villains are my favorite! They always have a clear goal in mind and know exactly what to do to get what they want. Unlike the hero or heroine, they’re generally not bothered by annoying things like honor or ethics. They do what they do because their goal is more important than anything else. Um, I’m not a villain, I swear. And I didn’t hold a knife on Jillian to get this guest blog post. Honest!
No, villains are generally uncomplicated. Some books show us villains where they reek of their evil. You can see it manifested in their looks, or their speech, or even the way they dress. Some authors change this around making the villain look just as innocent and normal as the secondary characters (those are generally my favorite kinds of villains). I’ve written three books in the Veil series and in each one, the villain is beautiful. Someone asked me why I made my villains so attractive and I suppose because evil can be beautiful.
Now you’re probably wondering “What the hell is she getting at?” Let me explain. In my soon-to-be released paranormal romance, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose the hero hates this man I’m about to introduce you to. Not only the hero hates him, but everyone in the Veil hates him because of what he’s trying to do to their world. The Veil (for those of you who are wondering what that is), is a secret paranormal community that lives parallel to the human world. They don’t want to be found out by the humans, but there is a faction of the Veil that broke away called the Eturi who want to enslave the humans. They sound evil, don’t they?
Well, here’s a little snippet of the very first meeting between the heroine and the man who works for the Eturi:
 “That wasn’t quite the way I intended to introduce myself,” a wry voice said next to her.

It was the man who’d come up behind her at the hotel. Her Instinct had failed her again! Ruby jackknifed, about to take off running again but was stopped by a firm hand on her arm. She could have broken his hold, but she felt no panic, no shortness of breath, nothing warning her to run away. Confusion held her immobile.

“Shh,” the man said, his voice soothing, his warm brown eyes entreating her to relax. “I’m not going to hurt you. I was just going to introduce myself to you and hope I could talk with you without those beasts interfering.” He smiled somewhat sheepishly, showing off a dimple in his left cheek.

It was adorable. Ruby could feel herself gaping at him. She couldn’t help herself. He was…cute.

They were nearly the same height, which afforded her a perfect view of his face. He had dark brown, nearly black, hair cut close to his head in a rough, careless style that managed to look chic. His face was boyishly cute, from the slightly round nose and baby smooth cheeks to the big brown eyes and thick, long eyelashes most women would kill for. He was built on the lean side but had plenty of muscle on his body showing he either worked out or worked hard. Ruby bet he did both.

“What do you want?” she blurted out. No finesse. That was Ruby Fontenot. Blue, she amended. Ruby Fontenot-Blue.

Briggs sighed loudly and sat down, giving up the brave fight against gravity. The man looked at him and chuckled.

“You’re the last Chieftain,” he answered with his eyes still downcast. “You’re very valuable to this world. There are some who’d say you’re vital to their survival, and others who would say you’re valuable to their world.” His voice got deeper, and he finally looked up, his eyes glowing red. “But you’re more important to me.”

Of course, I haven’t shown the bad things he’s done (and he has done bad things). I chose this excerpt to illustrate how “evil” doesn’t have to wear a black hat or have a scarred face. I’m not saying whether this man is evil or not. I’m going to leave that for you to decide when you read my book 😉  Preorder it here:
So in honor of bad boys and villains, I’m going to chose a few of my favorite villains of all time! These are characters who are not only villains, but possible heroes as well. They have reasons for what they do, which is what makes them such rich characters.
GIVEAWAY QUESTION: Who is your favorite villain and why?

23 Responses

  1. Great blog! Okay, Gerard is my favorite hero, villian, guest star…but I also really liked Timothy Olyphant in the last Die Hard movie. Of course, he’s an awesome bad boy in Justified now. 🙂

    Congrats on your new release!!!

    • Thenks, Rebecca! Gerard is my man, as you know. I haven’t seen the newest Die Hard movie, but I do like Timothy Olyphant and not just because his name reminds me of Lord of the Rings, lol

  2. I am so with Gerald!! Jeez!! Loved the excerpt and CAN NOT wait to get this one.!!

  3. Thanks, Sayde! I love Gerard in anything…or nothing at all 😉 lol

  4. I LOVE the ones you mentioned but I didn’t want to repeat those. So, who? Bruce Willis (bad guy in The Jackal). Why? Um, he’s sexy no matter what roll he plays.

  5. Sexy villains are great to watch, especially Gerard. Loved the excerpt, so excited to have that book in my hot little hands. I must say Anthony as Hannibal was great too, you cant help but wonder what he is up to, my favorite are the highly intelligent ones, leaving you breathless as they get away with their evil deeds. Congrats on your book!!! xoxo

  6. Congratulations on the new release, Danica! I’m an all time Bruce fan. He’s sexy in anything and everything. 🙂

  7. Hey Danica!

    My favorite villain is any one played by Alan Rickman. 🙂

    Great interview! Good luck with Ruby, I’m sure she’ll do great! D

  8. I love the villains too! Erm…off the top of my head, Alan Rickman in the first Die Hard and in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves and of course The Phantom (Mr Butler *swoon*) in The phantom of the opera film adaption. I would have picked the Phantom in a second had I been Christine *hubba hubba* 😉

    Congrats on your release Danica – sounds divine 🙂

    • Dang! I can’t believe I left out Alan Rickman. He made a fabu villain in Die Hard (one of my favorite movies) and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.

      And thanks, Xandra!!

  9. Congratulations, Danica! Love your being here!

    I can’t help it, deciding is impossible. I like my villains the way I do ice cream. Different flavors go with different moods. Good thing there are so many interesting villains and flavors out there! lol

    (I’m hinting at how much I’d like you to introduce us to many more of YOUR brand of villains in future books!)

  10. Hummm I keep thinking about Gary Oldman in well in just about everthing!

  11. Hey, Danica, Loved your post. Story sounds great-sure to be a success. Unlike some I could name, I’m not into bad boys. I’d just try to reform them–doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching or reading about them, though.. Thanks for being our great Sizzler friend. Rita Bay

    • Hi Rita, thanks for the warm welcome. I agree bad boys aren’t for everyone, although the idea of a bad boy is probably what drives most of us than the actuality of a bad boy, lol

  12. Thanks again for being here Danica and thanks to romancemama for approving all the comments while I was gone. This was a hopping place yesterday!! Lots of success to you, Danica!

  13. Thanks, Jillian. I had a wonderful time and the Sizzlers were as gracious as ever!

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