A GLEEful Wetsday

Frankly, I don’t have enough time sucks in my life. I mean, between having to spend the bulk of my waking hours at the day job, spending at least some quality time with my daughters and DH, trying to finish the great American romance novel, etc., what I really need is to get interested in a sitcom. I mean, really. Normally, I try to avoid tv, because I have way more that I could, should, and would be doing without it.

But those darn children of mine! They find out about stuff and come home raving about it, and they want me to share it with them. And I have to give them credit – they have good taste. It was my daughters who hooked me on BONES, starring the lovely David Boreanaz, on LOST (which had too many gentlemen with well-defined abs to name), and other high points of pop culture. Hmmm, when you start looking at their taste in tv, it’s easy to see that they’re my girls. Like momma, like baby!

So the oldest one came home recently babbling about the wonders of something called GLEE. (Notice a trend for one-word titles here?) My SIL is addicted to it, my twitter friends tweet about it madly, and now the teenagers were begging me to watch it with them. So, in the pursuit of quality time with the kids, I did.

OMG. That is all I can say. Once again, my daughters have hit the jackpot when it comes to attractive gentlemen on tv. As the adventures of a bunch of teenage losers with a love of showtunes, GLEE is a hoot for anyone, like the members of our family, who were into the music and theatre side of high school. I swear, these kids were in my high-school play back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and then their descendants were in the Drama Club and Little Theatre with my girls.

But . . . I don’t remember our drama geeks looking anything like these guys! From the sweet and idealistic teacher, Mr. Schuester, to Finn, the dumb jock, and the cougar-chasing Casanova, Puck, the gentlemen of GLEE are worth taking a look at! So, with no more ado, I bring you Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith, and Mark Salling, aka the GLEE dudes:


7 Responses

  1. Before I comment, I need to ask a question. Are these guys legal? If not, when will they be legal so that I can say what I’m thinking?

  2. Not to worry, hon! They are all street-legal, so comment away!

  3. Okay, I only watched one episode of GLEE, but it was the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode with Meatloaf and Barry Boswell, does that count? I did think there was an awful lot of man (young man) candy in it though.

  4. I love Glee. I had no idea they looked like that. I’ll be watching with new eyes. 🙂


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