Not Enough Sleep and One too many Headaches

Hello all. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately but I have good reason. I’m not sleeping well and when I am, I wake up with a headache like you wouldn’t believe. Today is going to be a quick post since I just realized that my deadline for my edits was yesterday and I forgot to send them in. I thought I’d sent them along with my bio and profile Friday evening but when I pulled that email up, NOPE! Damn! I can’t believe I did that. Thats what happens when you aren’t getting enough sleep and have one too many headaches. All right ladies and gents I said it was a short one today and I meant it. I’ll make up for it next Tuesday! Have a great day and don’t forget to scroll down to see the winner from yesterday!



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  1. Sorry you feel bad, AND I’m sure there will be no penalty for being a day late. Dumb ole me- I sent mine in last week and then in the middle of the night realized that my hero’s eyes were one color in one place and another in the other (and the editor didn’t catch it either)- so I fixed it and sent to editor w/note to ignore the one I sent the day before and why. She wrote me back, “glad you caught it but can you attach the edits?” LOL! So, they know sometimes we are a little flaky! Love ya- take care of you!

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