Moonday: Mercy Celeste & DOUBLE COVERAGE

Today, Moonday’s Historic Hunk features a special post by my friend, author Mercy Celeste featuring  TWO  hunks.  Her book, DOUBLE COVERAGE, will be released TONIGHT at Liquid Silver Books.  DOUBLE COVERAGE is super-special for me because it is dedicated TO ME.  Thank you, Mercy. I am SO honored. 

I knew Mercy wrote really (I mean REALLY) hot stories but DOUBLE COVERAGE is SIZZLING.  Helping with the edits was an EDUCATION.  I discovered that erotic romance has its own vocabulary.  DOUBLE COVERAGE is a ménage, specifically an M/F/M, about an archaeologist, Kailey Whitmore, who meets jock-turned-physician Trigger Morgan, at her high school reunion.  The reunion heats up when Bullet Brady, an NFL football player and Trigger’s best friend, shows up and wants in on the action—and the action is OMG jaw-dropping.  That said, here’s Mercy Celeste. 

Thanks to Rita for the invitation to blog about my new release from Liquid Silver Books, DOUBLE COVERAGE. I’d like to share the story behind DOUBLE COVERAGE.  Have you ever had a regret—a wish that you’d done something differently and wondered what would have happened if you had? I remember walking down a hallway at my high school on game day following a hard body dressed in a loose swinging navy blue and gold football jersey atop a pair of tight faded sometimes ripped jeans, the Levi’s V accentuating the view, adding to my fantasy. It didn’t matter who the boy was. I don’t remember the number. I don’t remember the face or the hair but I’ll always remember walking down that hallway in full blown teenage girl hormonal overdrive.  Double Coverage grew out of that long gone memory. A stroll down memory lane, a second chance at that high school crush, or the bad boy who made your heart flutter. Put them both together and you have Double Coverage.

 DOUBLE COVERAGE’s cover art was created by the incredibly talented April Martinez.  Read the blurb and an excerpt, then leave a comment-maybe share your own memory or regret and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a copy of DOUBLE COVERAGE.    Check out my blog at  for more info.

DOUBLE COVERAGE.  A harmless night with the quarterback was all Kailey wanted, but Trigger’s best friend Bullet had other ideas. Should she go long with Trigger or run wild with Bullet? On the defensive, Kailey lets the two friends push her past the line of scrimmage straight into double coverage.

Kailey sipped an appletini as she watched her former classmates gyrate on the dance floor. Some of them were actually married to their partners. How novel. There was Veronica Hutchins–the bitch head cheerleader and all-around perky nemesis of girls like Kailey–with Mark Cullman, former basketball captain, on the dance floor. She wondered if Ronnie’s hubby knew they were bumping uglies off the floor as well. Brad Brickman, the men’s wrestling captain, was flirting outrageously with Heather “Bunny” Kaufmann. Too bad he was so deep in the closet he was having adventures in Narnia. Too bad Bunny was too stupid to tell there wouldn’t be a happy ending for her tonight.

And then there was the captain of the football team, just as gorgeous and as single as ever, and headed straight for her. Oh, for the love of God, he was headed straight for her. Her heart somehow managed to skip a beat when he smiled her way.

“You look stunning, Kailey.” His voice was deep, masculine, and damned sultry. She smiled at him behind her glass, looking him over. He had the body to match his voice, well-developed shoulders, slim waist, and muscular thighs. His face wasn’t bad either, with little laugh lines beside his brown eyes, and a straight nose and square jaw.

“I could say the same about you, Trigger.” She swirled her drink, sipping to hide the smile she hadn’t expected when he blushed. Trigger Morgan had actually blushed! Damn, that was priceless.

“Just Trig now, Kailey. Trigger was embarrassing enough back then.” He placed his foot on the bar rail and leaned on one elbow beside her. “How’s life been treating you?”

“Oh, you know, can’t complain. I work too hard, play too little. Same old, same old.” She wondered why he was standing there looking at her as if she were a buffet. “Are you drunk, Trig?”

“No. Why do you ask?” He signaled the bartender for a beer, then looked her up and down, undressing her with his eyes. Jesus. So, that was what it felt like to have Trigger Morgan look at you with those bedroom eyes of his. Like liquid fire, all tingly and hot.

“Because you never spoke to me back in the day, Trig. Remember? Dorky little Kailey with the glasses and braces, and the straight As and perfect attendance award. Thirteen years worth of straight As and perfect attendance awards, I might add.” But that was fifteen years ago, and the braces had paid off; the glasses had been replaced by contacts. She still had perfect attendance, damn it all to hell.

“That’s because I was afraid of you.”

“Bullshit. I was just a dork. There was nothing scary about me. You were a stuck-up jock who thought I was beneath you. Admit it.” She was still beneath him if the rumors were true. He was now a doctor. Trigger Morgan had gone and gotten himself a medical degree. Trig Morgan was a goddamned pediatrician. Well, at least he wasn’t banging his patients, unlike a certain dentist she could name.

“You know, Kailey, I’ve always had this one particular fantasy. It was about you, and you were definitely beneath me.” He smiled at her over his glass, heat and promise in his eyes. Oh holy hell. “We’d be good together.”

“What’s wrong, Trigger? Strike out with the cheerleaders this time around?” She glanced over at the Rah-Rah table where several sets of blue eyes were staring daggers at her. “Or did you lose a bet? I’m going to go with the latter. So what was it–kiss the valedictorian in front of everyone or steal a mascot head from the rival school? I bet stealing the mascot head will be easier.”

“There is no bet, Kailey.” He slid his hand along her arm.

Heat and electricity shot through her, taking her by surprise. She gasped, and he smiled. Oh dear God in heaven, the man had a killer smile.

“I’ve always had a thing for you, and I figured I’d catch you between husbands and see if maybe you might have had something for me once upon a time.”

“You’re kidding, right?” His hand trailed up her arm to her shoulder. She shivered; her skin prickled with a combination of desire and humiliation. “Don’t screw with me, Trigger. I’m not in the mood.”

“I’ll take that as a not interested, then.” He removed his hand, grazing her nipple “accidentally” as he stepped away. “Nice seeing you again, Kailey. My condolences on your divorce.”

And it gets only hotter when Bullet arrives.  Thanks so much, Mercy.  I’ll be first in line to download DOUBLE COVERAGE.  Good thing it’s an ebook–DOUBLE COVERAGE is so hot, a print book would probably burn my fingers.  DOUBLE COVERAGE will be available tonight at:      You can check it out now on the Coming Soon page at

Next week, we’ll bid farewell to Elizabeth’s princes and share the details of my big surprise-RitaVF is gone.

8 Responses

  1. My, it does seem hot in here!

    Since our regrets can shape us as much as our actions, you’ve got a surefire hit premise, Mercy!

    Can’t wait to order this one. I’ll be looking in the ebook lists for it . Congrats on its release tonight!

    • Thank you Runere,
      Romance is pure fantasy, even in the contemporary genre. Finding inspiration to write sexy HEAs is sometimes hard. And I think most of us have that one thing they would go back in time to take advantage of if they could.

  2. I remember walking that same high school hallway. But I do remember the number on that jersey. It was #11. Some nice memories went with that number, as well as a few regrets.

    Best of luck on millions of ebooks sold!!!

    • Suzane,
      Don’t make me drag out the year books. I can and I will and if I do I know I have some pretty embarrassing pictures tucked inside those bad boys and I have a scanner. Wink wink.

      If anyone is wondering Suzane was one of my partners in crime the last three years of high school. We recently reconnected on Face Book and it’s been almost like we never lost touch.

      I am so glad to see you here, makes me feel all squishy inside.

  3. This is so nice to see this dreary morning. Thank you Rita for being such a great friend and for hosting my release party.
    You know I’m going to be sitting here at six o’clock tonight when the new books are up at LSB just to see my pretty cover. I am so excited you would not believe it.

  4. This will definitely be a good read to cuddle up with! Congrats on the release.

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