Wish you were here…Liechtenstein


The Prince and Me

I spent the last few weeks watching stupid tv shows and movies as well as being force fed a daily dose of latest progress on the upcoming royal wedding in April.  The wedding is sure to be as beautiful and captivating as Princess Diane’s, which I skipped school to watch like most of the world (for clarification: most of the world watched, not skipped school).

One of the movies I saw during my three week hiatus was The Prince and Me. Cute little movie even if not Oscar material. It made me wonder about the lesser known royals around the world. With so many tiny countries headed by monarchies, I discovered there are quite a few eligible bachelor princes out there. Unfortunately most are right around the same age as Princes William and Harry, so while we Sizzlers probably missed our window of opportunity to become say, Princess von Hohenzollern or the like, there is still hope for our daughters. 🙂

While checking out these available royals, I found the Country of Liechtenstein has more than one.  

Prince von und zu Liechtenstein

First Prince von und zu Liechtenstein, Count of Rietberg, given name Wenzeslaus (yes, like the Christmas song) who was born in 1974. Another Prince von und zu Liechtenstein, Count of Rietberg, given name, Josef-Emanuel Leopold Marie was born in 1989. Wenzeslus does have a brother, Prince Rudolf Ferdinand who is also single and born in 1975, however there is very little information about him.


Personally I suppose I should bone up on my geography since I wasn’t aware there was a

A Kinight's Tale

Country of Liechtenstein. I thought it was just a made up title for the movie A Knight’s Tale (for the record, I was even more surprised to discover there actually was a REAL Ulrich von Liechtenstein in the 13th century).


Liechtenstein is a small land-locked country in Germany. The entire country is approximately 62 square miles and has a population of around 36,000. Despite its small size, the country has a strong financial standing. If one has to rule a country, I guess a strong economy would be advantageous.

A royal residence

The Principality is located entirely in the mountains of the Alps, yet despite its location has a relatively mild climate. The summer temperature ranges between 70˚ and 80˚, while the winter may drop to 5˚, but rarely below.

Area attractions include skiing Malbi-park; watching falcon training at Galina Falcon Center;

Falcon Center

a wild-west experience at Neuguthof Adventure Center;

Neuguthof Adventure Center

touring the Schädler Ceramics Workshop; or wine tasting at the Wine Cellar of the Prince of Liechtenstein (not sure if one of the princes will be there as well, but it’s worth finding out).

So here ends this week’s journey, chasing around royals so to speak. Hope you had some fun and wish you were here.

Triesenberg Liechtenstein

4 Responses

  1. Who could have imagined so much beauty and culture in such a small space. Gorgeous!

    Love the falcon and the sweeping view in the last photo. And it looks like cowboys are loved all over the world! lol

    Thanks, Liz! Another wonderful post!

  2. This is wonderful! Just love this little country. Beautiful scenery, castles and men! Well done, my friend.

  3. Prince Rudlof is no longer single. Married this April to a lovely girl in Istanbul.

  4. What a beautiful Country. Wish I were there..

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