Badurday- January 22, 2011- HOCKEY!

For today’s Badurday choice we’ll be taking a step away from the men of film and television and talking about the men of hockey. I’ve been a hockey fan for many years. Loved to watch the games on television and in person when I could.  I adore The Great One, Gretsky, who said “you miss 100% of the shots you never take” which is a good mantra for writers.

The men of hockey can be really bad.  They like to fight on the ice and get stuck in the penalty box on occasion!  There is a song called 100 Years by Five for Fighting. That’s the stage name of a singer named Vladimir Ondrasik. He got it for the hockey term. The five minutes for fighting is the longest penalty period in hockey- other than getting sent to the locker room for the duration! Most penalties are for two minutes. You gotta be a real tough fighter to get the five minutes.  I was proud of myself for knowing this little tidbit when the guy came on the scene. LOL!

I’ve chosen a couple of still pictures of hockey players, a video of some hot players and a video of 100 Years, the song.

The next 2 weeks on Badurday, we will be having guest posters- I’m excited about what they are going to share. Til then, as Casey Kasem says, “keep your  feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

6 Responses

  1. Love it. You knew me through my hockey obsession. I so love that quote of Gretzky. What a man. Thanks for sharing some smoking hot pictures. Fuel for locker room fantasies indeed.

  2. Jillian, I’m so happy from this post! I loooove hockey! And Wayne has been my favorite player from way back. The new stuff is good, but missing that special something he had on the ice.

    When Mississippi got a hockey team I got all teary eyed with memories from Michigan games. Hubby pretty much watched my bouncing, yelling self the entire three sessions. And was wise enough to stay out of range of flying elbows. Guess he never knew he had such a bloodthirsty wife. He asked “You really like this game don’t you?” My answer?

    “No, honey. I like the FIGHTS!” lol

    • I miss Wayne, too. And some of the other older guys. AND I miss the octopi on the ice when someone got a hat trick w/Redwings. This rule about keeping the ice clean takes out part of the fun!!

      And I can totally see you cheering the fights on!! I’d be right there with you. I KNEW I liked you for a good reason! LOL!

    • Got to sit right behind the Pensacola bench once in Mississippi it was awesome because we were right there at the glass. The MCC was a great place for Hockey.

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