Football, Arguments, and Character Traits

Hello all! So I stayed up and watched Auburn win. I gotta admit, if you follow me on twitter you read some comments that I wanted to scream at the television. As an Alabama fan I tend to have a deep-seated hatred for Auburn. I mean, seriously when I hear the words “war eagle” I want to slap whoever said it. Anger spikes inside me and I fight the urge to go off on whoever had the gumption to mutter those words in my direction. And you all may think I’m kidding but I’m not. If you know me personally you’re reading this and laughing because you know during football season I am glued to the television on Saturdays screaming “ROLL TIDE BABY”.

The problem is that I married an Auburn fan. Argh, what the hell was I thinking? We’ve been married for ten years and for six of those years Auburn has won the Iron Bowl. That’s the only game that has ever mattered to my husband. Now that Auburn has won a national championship (which btw, about damn time, I mean it’s been years!) I’ll have to listen to how wonderful Auburn is. Gag me. And it’s not only my husband, my father and my brother are also Auburn fans. My dad happens to be one of those annoying Auburn fans who at midnight called my cell phone just to scream “War Eagle”, he didn’t get the eagle out before I hung up. Annoying yes and true.

This brings me to character traits. I love adding quirky traits to my characters. What better way to get quirks than to go through your own life and address the quirks you have? In this case I think it’d be hilarious to have a character who was a die hard fan of something while all those around her or him were not. Imagine being in Texas Longhorn country and being an Alabama fan. WOW, talk about a huge no no!!

So what quirks can you think of from your daily life that would make funny traits in fictional characters?

But I will admit that I am very proud to have the last five national champions all coming from the South East Conference of NCAA. Football is a sport everywhere in the U.S. but here in the south it really is a religion and we’re damn proud of it even if it’s not our team who wins. So my congratulations to all players and coaches who are in the SEC! And that my friends is the closest to a congratulations to Auburn as you will ever get from me. 🙂

And here is one player from the University of Alabama that I hope things worked out for him. Tyrone Prothro was one of the best players to play at Alabama but his career was cut short by injury.
“The Catch” photo in the top left corner is one of the most famous Alabama football photos.


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  1. Being in south Louisiana, LSU football is king and I loathe LSU. When I tell people this, I get looks like I’d just told them Santa wasn’t real. It’s annoying and my…dislike makes me want to do something so outrageous I might get myself beat up. You see, I bought a bright red car a couple of years ago and I’ve been SO tempted to buy a big ole Bama sticker to put on it, or Roll Tide all over it. Except my dad would disown me and make me park on the next street when I visit him, my co-workers have threatened to key my car, and my sister gave me a look of betrayal.

    I’ll be honest though. I really don’t like college ball. I have no interest in it. Give me the NFL and I’m happy…unless of course, the Saints are playing Dallas or Atlanta or New England…okay, almost any other team. *growls* 😉

  2. Character traits? Borrow them from family! LOL Or people watch the way I do! It can get pretty interesting.

    I like college ball b/c those guys fight not only to win the game, but to win the attention of pro scouts— so they PLAY BALL!!

    NFL? I have two favorite teams: Whoever is playing Denver, and whoever is playing Dallas! And it’s all my bro-in-law’s fault from years ago! He’s from CO, and would call from Abu Dabai to rub in they won and the Saints didn’t! Sent him posters and newspapers and buttons and anything I could get my hands on when they won the Superbowl! Took forever, but revenge was sweet!

  3. Enjoyed this post, girl!! I wish I could get that passionate about something! LOL!

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