Smugness, Thy Name is Jillian- Badurday- Jan 8, 2011

I was so smug and proud of myself when I sold three books in the space  of two and a half months. The first sale was Aug 31, 2010 and the last was Nov 10, 2010.  One has already come out which for which I’m grateful that I was able to get those edits done 19 days early and the book came out 6-8 weeks early.  Well, now I’m in EDIT HELL!!  Am working on two sets of edits at once.  I’m almost done with one and need to start the other asap as I only have til Feb 2 to turn those in.  I  plan to turn in the first ones on Monday (fingers crossed).  So, advice of the day from Jillian- Be careful what you wish for- and don’t be so smug, take it from me.

Since I’m snowed under, cause I don’t know, I have a day job, too- I’m gonna be very brief with the bad boy of the day.  One really bad role he played (quite campy, if I do say so) was Donnie Darko.  He was really weird and had that whole wild eye thing down.  Anyway enjoy Jake while I work my butt off!!


2 Responses

  1. Had to leave for the meeting before I had a chance to congratulate you on yet another publication! Keeps those edits worthwhile!

    Interesting fellow today!

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