A Wet New Year

Well, Happy New Year, my darlings! What a 2010 it was, and I have high hopes for 2011. Just over a year ago, seven of us started this blog, not knowing much about what we were doing, but sharing a love of writing and dreams of being published. Of the group, one had some nonfiction success and was starting to make a splash with her short stories, but the rest of us were painfully inexperienced (at least when it came to publishing. LOL.)

But here we are, a relatively short time later, with two multi-published fiction authors, a newly-published short story writer, a contracted historical fiction author, and the remaining members of group on the verge of taking the publishing world by storm. (OMG, I hope I didn’t miss anyone/anything. This group is racking up successes so often that I might have, and mega-apologies if I did!)

I can’t say how valuable the encouragement, commiseration, and just plain friendship of the Sizzlers has been to me over the past months as I’ve followed my dreams. They are truly the best, and I need to tell them that more often.

So to toast the New Year and my favorite group of wild and crazy romance writers, I bring you some of my favorite men (wet and dry), courtesy of YouTube contributor HeartsBooks.(The embed feature isn’t working, so you have to click on Watch on YouTube. But do it’s worth it!)


4 Responses

  1. Le sigh…Oh, thank you, Ro’Mama! I’ve been reading nothing but Mary Balogh since the New Year and every man in this video seems to embody one of the heroes I’ve been reading about. *not-so-graceful swoon*

    And the Sizzlers are burning up the writing world. Here’s to an even hotter 2011!

  2. That was . . . yummers!! Thank you, Ro’mama! Think I love period dress because taking it off would be so, well, deliberate! Love a man on horseback, too. There’s just something about strong hands and ‘horseman’s thighs’.

    *wicked glint in eye, bites lip*

    And what he could do with both!

  3. Love it!!! Thanks!

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